What is the riverside archery? Here’s a detailed review

What is the riverside archery? Here’s a detailed review

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The popular riverside archery. Everything you need to know.

The history of the popular riverside archery

Founded in 1952, Riverside Archers is an archery club located in Southern California. It is affiliated with the National Field Archers Association and the California Bowmen Hunters.

The Riverside Archery Club has a range located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northwestern Riverside County. It is approximately two miles north of Interstate 15 and is close to cities including Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles. The club has a walking range, an unmarked three dimensional range, and a practice facility.

The NFAA Walking Range has some of the most varied and challenging terrain around. It includes both flat land and steep hills. “If you can shoot well here, you can shoot well anywhere.”

The unmarked 3D shooting range has enough space for the course captains to place targets at their own discretion, ensuring each 3D shot is different from the next.

While the walking distance and unmarked 3D distance are full of shots across various terrains, the shooting area is situated in a wind-protected flat area. The targets are set up from 10 meters to 80 meters in 10 meter increments. Whether it’s a time for practicing or sighting-in your rifle this is the place.

The popular riverside archery products

From recreational recurve bows to complete bowhunting packages. Riverside archery offers both group and private archery lessons taught indoor by their experienced staff. Other available services include birthday parties, corporate team building events, and their JOAD kids archery program. Check out their website for more information or stop by today to see what they are all about.

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  • They will start by teaching you the basics of archery and archery saftey. Then, after your first beginner class, they will continue to progress through the lessons until you’re ready for intermediate archery.

  • MAX 6 people
  • When scheduling online, 1 spot = 1 person
  • Available Friday & Saturday
  • Payment due in full upon booking​​
  • ​Minimum age requirement of 10


A group of people practicing archery
A group of people practicing archery
  • If you’re looking for a one-on-one lesson, add on extra people to this private lesson so you can get exactly what you want. Or if you’d rather go out with your friends, add on extra people so you can choose whichever option works best for you
  • $30 per add-on (paid for in-person if booking online)
  • ​Max of 4 people
  • Recurve or compound available
  • Available Tuesday-Saturday
  • Payment due in full upon booking​
  • Minimum age of 7
  • For ages 6 and younger please call to schedule​

Book the riverside archery Lesson Now!

PARTIES – $350

Great for birthdays, corporate team building, or just a fun night out with friends!

  • 90-minute lesson
  • $350 for up to 10 people
  • additional shooters are $30 each ​
  • ​Only available on Sundays
  • Appointment times vary, please call to book
  • 50% deposit required upon booking


JOAD stands for “Junior Olympic ArcherY Development,” which is an organization that provides archery training and competitions for both children and adults. It is part of the USA Archery Association, a non- profit organization devoted to promote archery in the United States.

  • Space is limited.
  • Applications are available in person at the shop.
  • The schedule and requirements for the JOAD program are listed at the bottom of the page.


The Riverside Archery Young Adults’ Organization (J.O.A.R.) offers recreational archery instruction to anyone who wants to try out the sport. Their goal is to provide safe, fun, and enjoyable archery experiences for everyone. They teach basic fundamentals of archery and encourage participants to practice safely and responsibly. They strive to create a positive learning experience where their students feel comfortable asking questions and getting feedback from experienced archers.


Cost- $100 Monthly


4 group lessons per month, 6 hours of open shoot time (non-coached), and a new target face for each lesson.

Your own equipment is required at the time of joining. Compound, recurve, and longbows are welcome.


About Coach Tom

I began shooting competitively in archery for the same reasons as my friend. I wanted to get fit and enjoy myself. Shooting was fun and I met great people along the journey. I became addicted to tournaments and have never stopped competing. I love watching others compete and sharing what I know. I want to give something back to the archery world and help the next generations learn how to shoot straight. JOAD is the best platform to do just that.

If you’re interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up a time for a meeting to talk through the details.

Styles of Shooting Allowed

  • Olympic Recurve
  • Barebow
  • Compound

The student may test for each bow type.​

​Class Format & Times

  • Monday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Friday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

​Outdoor Practice

  • Outdoor practice is at Oranco Bowmen Archery Club. Oranco is a great supporter of our Joad but their range is private and the fee is not included with the cost of the JOAD program. Once you join Oranco Bowmen you are given the gate code and you can practice anytime.
  • ​Weekend classes are at the discretion of the coach. Classes on the weekends are 2 hours. Depending on whether it’s indoor or outdoor competition season or the type of upcoming tournament, the classes will be held at Oranco Bowmen, or indoors at Riverside Archery. Practice will be suspended on those weekends they are attending tournaments.

​Practice Requirements and Other Purchases

  • The student must practice at least 3 times a week, once in class and at least once on their own. JOAD members get 6 hours of free range time every month (for use outside of class).
  • Membership in USA Archery and the NFAA are required within 30 days of joining.
  • You must purchase your own equipment within 30 days of joining the JOAD class.
  • Oranco Bowmen Archery club membership for outdoor practice.
  • The student will need to purchase 2 team jerseys.

Etiquette & Expectations

  • The student must be able to communicate clearly with other teammates, competitors, and officials.
  • Basic math is required for this sport. The student must be able to add arrow point totals, running totals, check their math, and the math of other competitors on their tournament score cards.

​Achievement Awards/Pin Tests

  • Once a month JOAD students are formally tested on one of the styles listed on the left.​​
  • The student may test for each bow type/style.
  • Each test has a distance, target size and minimum score required for passing. on successful completion, the student will receive their achievement award. The awards are pins that are kept on a lanyard on their quiver. Only one pin per test will be awarded.
  • There are 11 pin awards, the last 3 are the bronze, silver & gold Olympic awards. These are difficult to achieve and come with a certificate and prize from USA Archery.​

​If you or your child would like to join JOAD and meet the criteria listed, please ask one of the staff for the JOAD Orientation sign-up form. This form is only available in person.

Their service options:In-store shopping / In-store pickup

In-store shopping-popular riverside archery
In-store shopping-popular riverside archery


Here are some people’s opinions about riverside archery

Jerome Munoz

They have a full service shop and a good selection of equipment.

Takashi Tamanaha

Shooting on the range is always fun and the people I have met are so nice.

Monte Hale

Answered questions and gave me some shooting tips.

Elizabeth Hyatt

Brought my 10 yr old in for a lesson with karina. She was so kind and patient with my kid. The whole staff was friendly from the start which I truly appreciate. We’ll definitely be back for more!

Alexander Baikalov

Excellent service. Came in to get my bow tuned and I couldn’t be happier. Super friendly, professional, and helpful staff.They’ve told me to read archery books in order to gain more knowledge about this sport. Will definitely be returning for another visit!

Ryan dunn

Just wanted to express gratitude and show some thanks back to all the staff of riverside archery. Extremely happy and impressed with the work done. My lever bow is ready for another season thanks to all of you. Thanks again for sponsorship of big bear lakes carp round up as well!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3D Archery Shoot?

Watch this cool video to dicover it with the team of riverside archery.

 Are riverside archery’s shoots open to everyone?

Yes, they are open to anyone who wants to shoot at our event. However, all shooters, regardless of membership status, must pay for their own entry fee.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Besides enjoying their great company, the main benefit is 24/7 accessibility to their archery range; you will be provided with a key to the front gate and you’ll be free to come and leave whenever you want.



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