Climbing shoes : how to choose the best ones in 2022?

Climbing shoes : how to choose the best ones in 2022?


A Comprehensive Guide to Buy the Right Climbing Shoes!

Any climber worth their salt should invest in a good pair of climbing shoes. Whether you are just beginner or are a seasoned expert, having so many different choices might make it challenging to select the one that is the most suitable for your requirements.

This article will provide an overview of the many types of climbing shoes that are now available on the market so that you can make a more educated choice when it comes time to purchase your first pair of climbing shoes or update the pair that you already have.

What exactly are climbing shoes, and why are they required for rock climbing?

Whether indoors or outdoors, rock climbing is best done while wearing climbing shoes.

These customized rock-climbing shoes are designed to give the wearer the best possible grip on slippery slopes while shielding their feet from any sharp edges they may encounter.

Remembering that a climbing shoe needs to be comfortable is the most important item for novices to keep in mind. Your toes must rest flat in your shoes to prevent them from being cramped or twisted, and you should use shoes that are comfortable for long periods of climbing.


The Varieties of Climbing Shoes and Their Purposes

There are three distinct categories of climbing footwear: neutral climbing shoes, moderate climbing shoes, and aggressive climbing shoes.

Neutral Climbing Shoes

They offer sufficient comfort for use throughout the day. They provide comfort without sacrificing performance and offer a relaxed fit ideal for people with flat feet. These shoes are ideal for climbers who are just beginning the sport, as well as experienced climbers who are looking for more comfortable footwear.

Neutral climbing shoes
Neutral climbing shoes

Moderate Climbing Shoes

These shoes are specifically designed for technical climbing and have a somewhat more pointed form at the toe. The all-purpose capabilities of these shoes allow them to handle slab routes, crack climbs and extended multi-pitch climbs. They are also suitable for sports climbing routes that are simpler and more overhung.

Moderate climbing shoes
Moderate climbing shoes

Aggressive Climbing Shoes

Climbing issues and routes that demand a significant level of friction on the toe to stick in pockets or edges, such as steep overhanging climbs, are best suited for these shoes.

Aggressive climbing shoes
Aggressive climbing shoes

Because of their aggressive nature, these shoes feature an asymmetrical form that bends toward the big toe. This lets the wearer concentrate their force over the big toe and execute accurate placements on small holds. Because of its close fit and form, this shape best suits single-pitch sports climbs or routes at the gym. Due to their tight fit, this shape is not ideal for all-day multi-pitch routes.

How to Determine Which Climbing Shoes Are Right for You

A few considerations need to be given attention when purchasing a pair of climbing shoes. Your time spent rock climbing will be more productive and pleasurable if you make use of the tools mentioned above and strategies, and it will not matter how experienced a climber you are.

As was said before, there are three distinct types of climbing shoes: aggressive, moderate, and neutral (or all day). Before investing in a second pair of shoes for a different kind, you should get a pair designed for the climbing you do most frequently.


The proper fit is one of the most crucial factors. Different sizes and styles will likely feel best for your foot, so it is recommended to try on a number pairs as you can before making a purchase.


Additionally, check to see if the shoes are comfy to wear. This is the greatest technique to assure you will not experience any pain or discomfort even after climbing for several hours!

The appropriate pair of climbing shoes should fit as snugly as your socks. Even though we said climbing shoes should be comfy, the first time you wear them, your feet should hurt (a little) after climbing in them for an hour or two. It is normal and should be expected. After you have done this, your shoes will start to break in, and you will become accustomed to the discomfort of wearing them.


The final consideration is the price. You may end up wishing for a pair that costs less money, but if you find that they are uncomfortably tight or do not have the right shape for your foot, shelling out a few more dollars now could prevent you from having to buy yet another pair of shoes in the future.

If you can, we strongly advise you to make an effort to locate a location (like an indoor gym, for example) that rents shoes so that you may try them on before making a purchase.

Comparison of New and Used Rock Climbing Shoes

You can purchase a new or used pair of climbing shoes whenever you go to make a purchase.

The primary benefit of purchasing new climbing shoes is that you can get precisely what you require, which is frequently designed especially for you and your feet. The disadvantage is that purchasing new ones is more expensive than purchasing old ones.

On the other hand, purchasing secondhand climbing shoes can be much less expensive, but there are certain considerations before making the purchase. If you take the necessary precautions to maintain them, they may end up being more long-lasting and sturdy than brand-new ones if you do so. The disadvantage is that it is even more challenging to locate just what one requires.

Through this method, you may frequently locate shoes that are almost as good as new. Many individuals make the mistake of purchasing everything and then discovering that they do not like rock climbing or choosing shoes as they would like any other shoes and then having to bring them back because they do not fit well.

Best Climbing shoes

The Very Best Rock Climbing Shoes for the Year 2022

In the below paragraphs, we would look at some of the climbing shoe recommendations we have. We strongly advise reading the specific guidelines below the goods since this will give you a more comprehensive understanding of our top picks.

The Absolute Best Rock Shoes for Kids to Climb in 2022

We advise choosing neutral climbing shoes for youngsters since they are more comfortable and generally a better choice for climbers just starting out.

check out this climbing shoes for children

Children climbing shoes
Children climbing shoes

The Absolute Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

We suggest you get a pair of shoes with a generally flat sole, as these are the most versatile. They perform adequately in most circumstances, and the cost of employing them is typically lower.

For beginners, we selected this CLIMBX Rave Strap Climbing Shoe Blue

Beginners climbing shoes
Beginners climbing shoes

The best climbing shoes for men

Here is our best choice: Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe – Men’s

Men Climbing shoes
Men Climbing shoes

The Best Climbing Shoes for Women

Climbing shoes are sized differently across genders as they often fit narrower than conventional footwear; women’s climbing shoes are often smaller, particularly made for males.

We suggest you SCARPA Women’s Helix Lace Rock Climbing Shoes

Women climbing shoes
Women climbing shoes


When Should you Replace Your Climbing Shoes?

No matter how much you adore your climbing shoes, you cannot expect them to last indefinitely. You should expect them to last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how frequently you use them. It is possible that you could get a little bit more use out of them if you used them less frequently.

Now, how can you tell when it is the right time to replace yours?

If you have been wearing the same pair of shoes for a while and have noticed that the insides are wearing down or that your toes are getting stuck, it is probably time to acquire a new pair. If the shoes quality is good, they will last until the rubber is completely worn away. This is decided by how frequently you climb, how skilled you are at footwork, and how soft the shoe is.

If you climb less than twice every week with a pair of good-quality climbing shoes, you can often expect them to endure for an extended period of time that is far longer than the typical lifespan. The expected lifespan of your soft shoes will likely be reduced if you climb more frequently or if the quality of your shoes is lower.

Other problems, such as a malfunctioning closing mechanism or tears in the sole, might also necessitate an early retirement for your climbing shoes.


We are sure after going through this post, you better understand the various types of climbing shoes and what you need to remember while shopping for them, whether they are new to you or not. We have shared all the information needed to make an informed decision that will assist you in improving your climbing, regardless of whether you are looking to upgrade your current pair or buy your new climbing shoes.

It is time to put these new shoes to the test and demonstrate to everyone what they are capable of doing. I hope you have success, and please stay safe!



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