CHEAP FLIGHTS – 12 EASY STEPS to Find them In 2022!

CHEAP FLIGHTS – 12 EASY STEPS to Find them In 2022!

A person looking for a Cheap flight

You want to find cheap flights, your are in the right place!

Yes, even in 2022, you can find cheap flights! This is how you may save hundreds of dollars by finding inexpensive flights worldwide. Everything you need to know about finding the cheapest plane tickets is here!

Have you spent many hours exploring search engines and websites for the best airline deals?

Finding cheap flights is becoming time-consuming, with several sites to explore and rates that may shift in the space of a few minutes.

My regular readers/followers know that I am a big fan of traveling. And I enjoy nothing more than not having to spend money, especially when there is an economical choice.

Because of this extensive research, I have compiled an extensive list of my best tips and strategies for finding cheap flights regardless of your location on the globe.

Are you ready to get started?

Finding a destination for a cheap flight

Traveling on a Budget in 2022

Make sure to use the best searching tool

Look out for some less demanding search engines, as all of them charge a commission on top of the ticket cost of selling their overheads. Another reason to look at many search engines and comparison websites is that not all airlines are represented on every one of them.

As a result, no one search engine can outperform the rest — would not that be too convenient for us adventure seekers?

My personal favorites include the following:


The first search engine I use is Skyscanner, one of the most popular in the industry.


Most of the time, Momondo will show you  cheap flights because it can access fares from lower-cost agencies.

Google Flights

There is a calendar option in Google Flights that can help you choose the best days of the week to fly. To buy flights, utilize a different website once you have found the lowest date.’


When finding flights, Kiwi.com is far more versatile than Google Flights or Skyscanner.


It contains several inexpensive airlines that other services do not, so it is always worth checking.

You should double-check each one before making a reservation.

Even though I book many flights each year, there does not appear to be a clear champion, but Momondo and Skyscanner always come out on top. First and foremost, they are two of my favorite things.


Search must be hidden

This occurs:

You do some research on flights to Paris and discover a fantastic deal. But you have not made up your mind to book yet. You do not want to do anything more than think about it before starting supper.

You return in two hours, and bingo! The price of your flight has gone up from $500 to $750. On the very same day, similar airline, and the same flight!

This seemed to occur to me regularly.

Some websites deny this, but I can attest that costs climb up if you continue searching for a certain route!

An airline uses cookies in your web browser to get you to purchase as soon as possible since costs are rising and higher.

To get the best discounts, always search for economical flights in an incognito or private browser mode.

NOTE: Is it possible to save money by browsing in an incognito mode? The answer is no! Even if you discover a great price, it will prevent your airfare from going up!

But what exactly is “incognito mode”, and how does it work?

You may use private browsing, incognito mode or InPrivateBrowsing to perform the same. No information about your session is saved in your browser’s cache, searching history, temporary files, or cookies when you use the Incognito mode of browsing. Whenever you quit the browser, your system will erase any data you entered during a private session. –

Is it possible to find cheap flights in this mode?

Google Chrome Incognito mode

When using Google Chrome, you may use the Incognito mode.

  1. When you open Google Chrome, click the wrench button in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on ‘new incognito window.’
  3. You may also use Ctrl + Shift + N  or Shift + Cmd + N for Mac users.

You may determine if you are surfing privately by searching for the person in disguise’s name in the upper-left right corner of the screen. He is dressed as a secret spy, complete with sunglasses and a beret.

You should be able to discover low-cost flights like an undercover agent.

Mozilla Firefox’s Incognito mode

  1. Launch Firefox and select the three parallel lines-shaped hamburger menu button.
  2. Select “New private window.”

On a Mac, use Safari incognito

  1. To get started, open Safari and click on “File.”
  2. Select “New Private Window” as the window type.
  3. You may also do this by pressing Command + Shift + N.

Microsoft Edge incognito mode

  1. The ‘More’ button appears when you open Microsoft Edge and click it.
  2. Select ‘New InPrivate Window.

You should go to a new incognito or private window with every search query because cookies are reset and destroyed between sessions. To avoid being duped by airlines, searching for inexpensive tickets online is important.


Obtain Error Fares Very Quickly

The term “error fares” is new to me.

Computer problems, human error, or currency conversion issues might mistakenly cause airlines to offer incredibly low-priced tickets. These are referred to as “error fares.”

Flight ticket pricing problems are unavoidable when there are so many flights. As a result, airlines routinely honor bookings with “pricing with a mistake” errors since it would be extremely time-consuming for them to rectify them.

You may attempt to find errors independently, but it will take much time and effort. There are only a few hours left on some of these discounts before the airline realizes its blunder.

Finding ‘error fares,’ as they are known in the industry, is as simple as following the hot-deal-hunters.

Some of my go-to sources are listed below:

Snoopy’s Flight

The site Secret Flying, which has over 3 million monthly visits, is a go-to resource for finding cheap flights worldwide. It is simple to visit their website, sign up for their email and connect with them on social media to get the greatest prices.

Scott’s Low-cost Tickets

Scott’s Cheap Flights is one of my go-to sources for low-cost international travel. If you are a regular  traveller, I prefer the expensive membership over the free one. Not only is it a bargain for all the additional upgrades (and if you register for the free plan, you receive a 20% discount in your inbox for the paid one!), but it more than compensates for itself with just one ticket bought!

“Jack’s Flight Club.”

Jack’s Flight Club is my go-to for the best deals on European flights and mistake prices. If you would like to get alerts through email, you may do so by installing their app. Such is the case with a recent email offering a roundtrip journey from London to Venice for the low price of 30 EUR.

Airfare Watchdog

On the homepage of their website, Airfare WatchDog displays a list of “Today’s Top Fares.”. There are plenty of deals to be had even if you do not know where you want to go. Additionally, when you sign up for their mailing list, they provide the ability to set particular flight alerts for your desired locations. For some, this is what sets Airfare Watchdog besides the competition.

Flight Deals

Global travel bargains may be found here, as well as discounts on hotels, vehicles, and credit card transactions at various price points. You may sign up for their emails and keep up with them on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Error fare” websites are not the only ones out there! With Thrifty Traveler’s help, one of our customers, Rose, saved almost $600 on her ticket!

Rose (The Compass Rose)

Even though many of us are diligent in our search for low-cost flights, we lack time to examine every airline daily. Travel deals that get us near our goal or a mistake fare that takes us someplace we had not considered but is too inexpensive to pass up are always options.

Thrifty Traveler, a flight alert service, sends me these bargains regularly. I can receive alerts for every offer they locate, or I may have them send me notifications from or to specified locations.

When I got an email offering $336 round-trip airfare from Minneapolis to Berlin, I knew I had to go. According to Google Flights, it is $643 less expensive than typical for my travel dates!

The annual fee of $40 for Thrifty Traveler Premium comfortably covers the cost of the service. This service is extremely important for those who fly from smaller and mid-sized airports because there are not the typical bargains you see from JFK, LAX, etc.

Application for searching a cheap flight


Using a price alert, can you discover the best deals on flights? This is a fantastic suggestion!

Allan (The Practical Saver)

The easiest approach to discovering a low-cost flight is to sign up for price notifications for your desired route. Do not pay for your tickets straight away while you are looking for flights, especially if you have time to spare. Your worst mistake would be to do that. Your desired airfare may not be the most cost-effective at this time.”

Using price notifications will help you save money. They serve as your reminders to be economical. Do this for a few airline ticket websites to keep track of pricing changes across a wider range. You can examine the differences in pricing between different vendors and any cost increases for the flights you are interested in. Do not make a purchase choice immediately.”

Are you interested in finding out how to achieve this?

To receive price notifications, you can use many websites.

The ones I like the most are:

  • Google flights
  • Kayak
  • Skyscanner

The “track prices” option on Google Flights lets you keep tabs on the cost of a certain flight route. Your Google account must be linked to this page.

  1. First, select the number of stops, cabin class, and the number of tickets you will purchase.
  2. Secondly, choose your departure location and destination.
  3. Turn on the “Track pricing” button to keep tabs on this route’s prices.
  4. You can also track the price of a specific flight by selecting the flight and then clicking “Track price”.

Google Flights is a great tool for finding low-cost flights!

Whenever the price of the flights you have monitored changes, Google will notify you through email.

You may sign up for price notifications on Skyscanner. To set up an email alert, perform your normal search for your route and certain dates, then hit the “bell symbol” and input your email address. An email with a confirmation link will be sent to you. Click it, and you are done!

When you search for a flight on Kayak, you will be prompted to set up a price alert automatically.

You will also notice the website’s advice in the top left corner, which will tell you whether or not to buy now, wait, or keep an eye on things. With the aid of Kayak, you may get an idea of how much the cost of a ticket can climb or decline in the future.

Be Flexible

To get the best deal on a flight, you must be willing to be adaptable.

  • When
  • Where


When planning a vacation, most of us begin by deciding on a place and a date for our trip, after which we research airfare prices. As a result, it is common to come across airfares that are way too pricey.

If finding low-cost flights is a key priority, you must alter your strategy.

Here’s how it works:

Rather than joining the crowd, why not stay home instead? It is usually more expensive to fly during the summer or Christmas holidays. You should be willing to fly on any day of the week. Many individuals fly on Friday to save on an extra day of the holiday, but this might cost hundreds of dollars more in tickets than would be necessary in any other case.

It is possible to save a lot of money if you change your outlook on life.

Go Local

When making a flight reservation with a carrier based in another country, compare the pricing in the currency of the final destination. Differences in the price of several hundred dollars or more are not uncommon.

Make careful to verify your credit card costs for international transaction fees and currency rates before booking a flight. Otherwise, you may risk all of your savings!

When visiting local websites, be careful to connect over a VPN.

Protecting your online activities is made easier with the use of a virtual private network (VPN). You may choose the “country” from which you browse the web and have your online actions secured by a layer of encryption.

In my opinion, TunnelBear is the best VPN out there. It is available as both a mobile application and a chrome extension. If you tweet about Tunnel Bear, you will earn an additional 500MB of free monthly data (1GB).

After almost a year of utilizing the no-cost version, I am still going strong.


Find the best time of year to book your vacation

You must avoid busy travel times if you want to obtain inexpensive tickets.

Two things need to be taken into account here:

• Best time of year to fly

• When it is best to arrange a trip

Cheap flights: best time to travel

From January to May

During September and early December

Cheap flights: Time to avoid

In the summertime (mid-June through mid-August)

December 25th – January 1st

Even if you plan months, the cost of a trip to Kyoto, Japan, during the cherry blossom season, will be prohibitively costly no matter how far in advance you book.

Cheap flights : best Time to Reserve

Depending on the sort of flight you want, there are several views about the optimal time to book. During peak and holiday travel periods, the optimum time to begin searching for flights is as soon as they are made available by airlines (usually 11-12 months in advance).

The “sweet spot” during different seasons of the year varies greatly, but the following is often what works best:

  • For domestic flights, plan for one to three months.
  • International flights: between four and eight months in advance.

What is the ideal time to travel?

Airlines would increase their costs on Tuesdays for a long time, which is why many travel companies recommend booking your trip on this day. Because airlines constantly add new pricing, there is no such thing as a good time to purchase a flight these days.

Friday and Sunday are usually the busiest travel days. Therefore airlines and hotels raise their costs to attract more customers. This means that midweek travel is a good option for finding lower-priced flights.

Cheap flight flight-number-on-screen

Fly for free by mastering travel hacking techniques

Once you are here, there are strong chances that you are looking for the best deal on a plane ticket.

The good news is that you do not have to pay a dime to take that flight. The answer is yes, thanks to the wonderful world of travel hacking!

With travel hacking, you may fly for free or secure a first-class international seat in economy class for a fraction of the price! It is a money-saving strategy employed by frequent travellers and travel bloggers alike.

Do not you think I am lying to you? A friend has accrued credit card reward points that have saved him hundreds of dollars.

Reward Card

For most of your trips, the easiest way to get cheap flights is to stick with one airline alliance, such as Star Alliance or Oneworld.

Using a credit card linked to the airline alliance with which you fly the most often is possible after selecting your alliance group. Everything you buy should be paid for a whole month, so use your credit card to your advantage (to avoid interest charges). You will soon accumulate enough points for almost-free flights if you use the sign-up incentive and keep up your normal monthly spending.

Most of my purchases are made using American Express cards, which I then redeem for Aeroplan miles, which I use to fly on Star Alliance airlines. Using Aeroplan miles, I recently bought two round-trip tickets to Europe (in Business Class!) for about $300 each.

Some of the most skilled travelers in the world scour the credit card market for the biggest sign-up incentives, then rack up huge numbers of miles and points.


For a reason, they are dubbed “cheap airlines.” When looking for the cheapest means of transportation, you may have to give up some comfort in order to save money.

What are you giving up in exchange?

If you are lucky, you will have:

  • Less space for the legs;
  • No complimentary refreshments;
  • There is no luggage policy.

With inexpensive airlines, it is always a good idea to read the fine print. Before you buy your ticket, think about all the additional costs you will incur.

The following are optional considerations:

There are additional costs for using debit or credit cards to make payments, as well as additional baggage-handling fees.

  • printing your boarding pass (yes, thanks to Ryanair, again)

Do not forget to double-check the airports where you are flying into and out of. Most low-cost airlines operate out of smaller airports that are farther from the city center. The savings on travel are not worth it if you then have to fork over more money to get to your final destination.

TIP: By signing up for airline newsletters, you will receive sale information before the rest of the world and may be able to score a deal. You may learn about amazing offers by subscribing to Twitter or Facebook pages.


One of the best alternative for cheap flights could be to fly with several airlines (or to various locations!).

Different airlines

Only showing you a return ticket with the same airline is a feature of several more established flight search engines, like Expedia. However, by visiting sites like

They will automatically choose the least expensive option when searching, even if it necessitates scheduling your return with a different airline.

TIP: Purchasing a return ticket is typically significantly less expensive, but always compare the costs of two one-way tickets before purchasing a return ticket. You could discover a great offer!

Choose a different location

Book a flight to a new location as another excellent “Mix and much” suggestion. Yes, you are right.

Have a look at Adam’s tip below:

Adam  (Aowanders)

Adam is best way to find a travel partner.

Airfare is the single biggest obstacle to most travel plans. As any frequent traveller will confirm, it also represents the largest percentage of their budget. Few low-cost airlines are operating here in the United States. Still, with a few tricks, you may locate inexpensive tickets to any location.

What I like to refer to as “layover cherries” is my go-to method for locating inexpensive flights.

This occurs when you reserve a flight to one location but want to go elsewhere.

I will give you an illustration:

Say you want to travel to Denver, but the one-way ticket from Minneapolis costs $183. For less than $130, you can buy round-trip tickets from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City with a stopover in Denver. or less than $100 for a one-way ticket to Las Vegas with a stopover in Denver. Just get off at Denver, and your remaining seat will be sold or handed to a standby passenger. You and the airline both win!

Preparing for flight


Did you know that following airline on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might result in incredible savings?

An airline may initially announce promotions on its social media channels when it launches a new route or offers an attractive discount.

Joining local Facebook groups in your region that focus on travel or following some of your favourite travel bloggers is another excellent method to be the first to learn about affordable airline tickets. They always appear to be the first to learn about bargain airline prices.

Ming Lee (Flyers)

I follow a few travel blogs on Facebook with a lot of devotion. They often inform their followers of the best flight offers, some of which may not be available on Skyscanner or Google Flight. I am lucky to regularly get a few excellent discounts throughout the years.

For instance, on March 8th, AirAsia opened a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Lanzhou (China). I learned about it on a Facebook travel page on March 7. The next morning at midnight, I checked my AirAsia account and saw two round-trip tickets to Lanzhou for just $95 each. The price of airfare had significantly increased a few hours later. To travel the same path as me today would cost you more than $300!


It can seem impossible to bring only a few pieces of clothing for a lengthy journey. I once resembled you. No matter where I was going, I always brought a large bag since I needed everything if I was gone for more than three days.

But as my travels increased, I realized how important it was to pack lightly.

Only bringing a few things with you makes it easier to move about with less luggage (ever attempted to carry a huge piece of luggage in the desert? It is unpleasant!) and can also help you significantly reduce the cost of your ticket.

I realize that I am not the only one who uses this trick:

The simplest way to save money if you frequently travel is to bring hand luggage! You may avoid paying the infamous check-in baggage fees, which vary by airline and can cost $20 to 125.

In addition, many airlines provide discounted fares for passengers who do not wish to check in bags. Another name for it is “cabin baggage only flight.” By doing this, my husband and I could save between 25 and 50 per cent off the typical aeroplane ticket cost.

For foreign travel, if you can fit everything in hand luggage (which is doable! ), you may save a lot of money and spend it on activities you enjoy.


Are you prepared for your vacation?

The next time you need to discover cheap flights, use these tips, and you will save money, time, and aggravation!

Do you have any further advice you would want to offer? I always love trying new things!

Please read this page, you can find some best traveling tips and destinations.

Have a good day.


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