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Top 5 best tree climbing spikes in 2023 (Updated)

A climber helping a woman to reach the top of the tree-best tree climbing spikes

The Best Tree Climbing Spikes –  How to Choose The Right One For You? When climbing trees, spikes are an essential piece of equipment to have. Ascending trees for any number of purposes is the activity known as “climbing trees.” Individuals do it for a living as tree trimmers, rescuing animals caught in trees. In […]

7 Best Kayak Brands: What to Consider Before Choosing a Brand?


Best Kayak Brands: Your guide for a perfect choice! Kayaking is a great way to spend time outdoors and get some exercise. It can also be a lot of fun! If you are looking for a new kayak, it’s important to choose the right brand. There are many different brands on the market, and each […]

Leave the road and take the best hiking trails in Kentucky

Kentucky-Best hikes in Kentucky-source: rootsrated

10 Best hikes in Kentucky-Choose the right direction for you next adventure Kentucky has plenty of outdoor activities for everyone from beginners to experts. From horse country to Appalachia, Kentucky offers a wide range of hiking opportunities including the largest cave systems in the world. There are countless hiking opportunities throughout Kentucky, from the Daniel […]

Notice the change in your dog with the best harness for hiking!

cute dog wearing harness-Best dog harness for hiking

7 Best Dog Harness For Hiking that will put your dog’s safety and comfort first We’ve reviewed the top dog harnesses for hikers so you know which ones are worth buying. We need to start by looking at all the different types of dog harnesses available and then narrow them down to just a couple. […]

7 Top rated Oboz hiking shoes that will last you a liftime

A man hiking with hiking shoes-Best Oboz hiking shoes

7 Best Oboz hiking shoes for all types of trails When hiking, being ill-prepared for the task at hand means making a big mistake. To prepare yourself as best as you can, reach for Oboz’ most trusted hiking gear. Here we present our top picks from the Oboz catalogue. We’ve selected some items that cover […]

Discover the coolest hiking shoes that will not let you down

hiking or running with the best hoka hiking shoes

The best Hoka hiking shoes that are designed for action The Hoka Speedgohiker is the best-selling hiking shoes in the United States right now. It‘s especially popular with thruhike­ers, ultralight backpacker, and casual walkers who want extra cushion. However, not everyone likes these shoes’ huge, marshmallowy midsole and pronounced rockers. That’s why I wrote this HOKA […]

Make your hike memorable with the Timberland hiking boots!

woman walking with hiking boots on rock-Best Timberland hiking boots

Best Timberland Hiking Boots-Feel comfortable in every step The Timberland Company started in 1928. Since then, they’ve been focusing on outdoor shoes that can support your feet during challenging terrain and tough jobs. Timberland has always worked with natural fibers and rubber, but they’ve embraced new technologies and improved their products by incorporating them into […]

9 trails in Phoenix that you must visit

phoenix arizona desert in morning-Best hikes in Phoenix

Best hikes in Phoenix with impressive and beautiful scenery If you’re looking for gorgeous hiking trails near Phoenix, you don’t even need to go outside the city boundaries. From some of the high ridgelines, you can look down at the entire metropolitan area, which includes many of the well-know rock formation, like those in Papagayo […]

Feel the earth beneath your feet with Merrell hiking boots!

close up of hiking boots on mountainside-Best merrell hiking boots

The 9 Best Merrell Hiking Boots-Choose Comfort in every way. Footwear manufacturer Merrell has recently experienced an increase in popularity due to the introduction of its new line of Hydro Mocs shoes, which can be worn both in wet and dry conditions. However, the company has been producing some of the best hiking footwear for […]

Top rated tent cots for camping: Our 9 picks

tent in mountains-Best tent cots for camping

9 Best Tent Cots for Camping that you can buy for a great night sleep Spending some time investing in a couple of tent beds has been a great way for my dad and mom to get involved with our family camping trip. They’re not getting any older (no offense, fellas!) and it’s really important […]

What are the best hunting rifles?

close up of a man hunting-Best hunting rifles

Best Hunting Rifles for long range-Buying guide Hunting rifles come in different styles, sizes, weights, and prices. Your choice depends on where you want to hunt, your hunting style, and your budget. But so will your personal tastes. A rifle defines in large measure who you are as a sportsman, whether it is a useful […]

How to choose the best backpack for women?

A woman wearing a hiking backpack-Best hiking backpack for women

Best hiking Backpack for Women to fit any body type Regardless of whether you’re going for a short weekend getaway or an extended backpacking adventure, making sure you pack the right gear can make or break your experience. You don’t necessarily wish to carry a large, heavy backpack around, but you also don’t wish to […]