The most innovative Ethics archery products

The most innovative Ethics archery products

screw in stainless steel field-Best of ethics archery

The best of Ethics Archery – The most original products

Ethics archery story

Ethics archery bows are made by veterans who own their own companies. They manufacture them right here in North Carolina, which makes them proud to say they’re American Made.

They strive to provide the highest-grade precision components and offer the best services available.

Their products include field point inserts, their flagship spinning insert, and their most popular adjustable outsert system.

If you’re not sure which parts you need for your arrowheads, they’ve got an Arrow Head Selector that will match your head with the right sized component. They’d be happy to help you determine what you need if you need some extra guidance.

In some people’s opinions Ethics archery are:

Adam Cooper

“I was on the lookout for something else. Something called a Spinning Insert caught my eye one day and so I thought I’d give it a go, given the sound idea behind the design. To cut a long story short, I’ve now got several different setups using light Spinning Inserts to heavy stainless Outserts for different applications, all from Ethics Archery. The best tolerances and can certainly take a beating.

For any style, weight, material or size, it’s covered. If not, you can always get in touch with what’s possibly the best customer service and I could almost bet my family jewels that what you’re looking for is available in no time. There must be a reason that Ethics are the preferred components of companies worldwide. It’s the fact that they are the best you can find.”

Euan Rennie

“Ethics is a great company and provides an excellent product. The components completely enhance the integrity and quality of your arrows. It’s a product that has unrivaled durability and their service is second to none. Definitely a product I will be shooting for years to come in all of my arrows.”

Scott Bryant

“Ethics Archery is top notch, veteran owned and operated. The products are hands-down great, and when something is wrong (which is hardly ever), Ethics fixes the issue no questions asked. Any time I have ever called Ethics customer service everyone was polite and answered any and every question I had.”

Justin Stone

“Why do I choose Ethics Archery? Because they are veteran owned and help make your arrows stand up to almost anything. When you spend money on high-quality arrows you better use high-quality front end components. That’s Ethics Archery.”

Dwayne Mattson

“Ethics Archery is second to none when it comes to arrow components and customer service. Veteran owned and built in the USA. They are always willing to help with any questions you may have. The only components I’ll ever use.”

Don Eaton

“Ethics Archery is a veteran-owned business that uses USA steel. The components they make for the variety of arrow manufacturers is incredible. I love how easy it is to make arrows with their products. I run three different hunting arrows and one set of 3D arrows all year. The dependability and matched weight grain is the key.”

Best sellers products-Here are the best of Ethics archery

Screw-In Stainless Steel Field Point, .310 (5/16)

.310 (5/16) Field Points fit:

– All Adjustable Static Inserts except .300

– .165 and .203/.204 Adjustable Outserts (except .307 sleeve)

– All sizes Spinning Inserts

Will not fit GEN 1 Static Inserts.

Sold in packs of 12, except for Test Pack which includes 1 each of sizes 100 through 300 gn, in 25 gn increments, for a total of 9 points.

Ranch Fairy® Special Field Point Test Pack – 200-300 gn

Ranch Fairy Special Field Point Test Pack – .310 (5/16)

2 each of 200, 225, 250, 275, and 300 gn field points, and 2 each 15 gn Point Weight Washers

Clean Cut Adjustable Static Insert, .244/.245/.246 O.D.

  • Threads are 8/32
  • Requires a .310 Field point

Ranch Fairy® Special Field Point Test Pack – 100-200 gn

Ranch Fairy Special Field Point Test Pack – .310 (5/16)

2 each of 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200 gn field points

Adjustable Outsert System, .165, .240 Sleeve

  • Threads are 8/32
  • Requires a .310 Field point
  • The sleeve is required to use the post
  • Some sanding or gluing may be required for a proper fit

Cut Adjustable Static Insert, .203/.204, .271 O.D.

Adjustable static insert-Best of Ethics archery
Adjustable static insert-Best of Ethics archery
  • Threads are 8/32
  • Requires a .310 Field point

Adjustable Outsert System, .165, .245 Sleeve

  • Threads are 8/32
  • Requires a .310 Field point
  • The sleeve is required to use the post
  • Some sanding or gluing may be required for a proper fit

Adjustable Outsert System, .165, .234 Sleeve

Adjustable outsert system-best of Ethics archery
Adjustable outsert system-best of Ethics archery
  • Threads are 8/32
  • Requires a .310 Field point
  • The sleeve is required to use the post
  • Some sanding or gluing may be required for a proper fit


What are the best Ethics Archery discounts?

The top coupon for Ethics Archery at the moment is 25% Off.

Why use arrow outserts?

The main benefit to an out-sert is that there is no wasted effort on impact because there is no material inside the shaft. Over the course of my career I’ve used everything from aluminum to wood to plastic to make inserts. In every case, the only thing that matters is that they fit perfectly without any gaps between them and the shaft. Once inserted correctly, the rest is just details.

What are Arrow Outserts?

“These” are specifically designed to strengthen the front of the ultra-thin arrows. Once upon a time, out-serts were commonly found among the archery markets. Specifically, this issue arose because an arrows’ OD and wall thickness were unreliable. If you got more questions i’m sure you will find detailed answers in archery books.

How do you remove an outsert in arrow?

Hold the arrow about 1″ away from the inserter and hold the heated file point against the tip of the arrow. Rotate the file point back and forth while heating the tip. When you feel the arrow get warm in your hand, then use the drilling method or pliers to remove the insert.

How do you calculate arrow weight?

  1. Divide the arrow’s length (distance from the bottom of the nock groove to the shaft’s end) by 2.
  2. Find the balance point. …
  3. Subtract the center of the arrow measurement (calculated in Step 1) from the balance point (calculated in Step  2)
  4. Multiply Step 3’s answer by 100

How to Cut Ethics Components?

Watch this video to see the process of cutting ethics componements.

Should You Choose The Static Insert Or Outsert System?

Ethics archery stainless outsert-Best of ethics archery
Ethics archery stainless outsert-Best of ethics archery

It really depends on you and what you want from your bow. For example, if you’re just trying to improve your focus a little bit and use an insert that has a slightly higher FOC than your current one, then you might prefer using a static insert.

An outsert is a type of arrow rest used primarily on compound bows. These rests are designed to hold the bowstring back from the face of the arrow so that the string does not contact the arrow directly. This allows the archer to pull the bowstring further back without having to move his/her hand off the grip. In addition, the rest helps keep the bowstring taut during shooting.

What Makes Their Arrow Components Better`?

The very first thing which really sets Ethics Archery products apart is its precise machining. Each insert set and outsert is machin­ed consistently providing matched grains weight for every component.

This ensures each arrow built (provided you’re using matched-grade arrowheads) is consistent in weight, which if you know anything about bowhunting, is important for accuracy.

Their next feature that sets them apart from others is their ingenuity. Every single one of their components and outers are weight adjustable. They even have indicators so you can adjust the components to fit the weights you want for your arrows.

They also have glue holes which allow the arrows to stick better to the inner surface of the bowstring so you don’t have to worry about them coming loose when you pull an archery string back.

Finally, with Ethics Archery being an American-owned business, all its components are made right here in the USA. The craftsmanship and quality controls are second to no one.

What arrow components do they offer?

If you’re an FOC (front of center) type of archer, you’ll enjoy using their equipment because they offer a wide range of components, including field point arrows, adjustable static inserts, and adjustable outerset arrows. Their field point arrows come in a wide range of weights, from 85g all the way up to 350g.

They offer a variety of sizes for their inserts and outsets so they can be used with any brand of insert system. Available sizes include.281 (9/32),.310 (5/16), and.346 (11/32).

We really like the way their threaded inserts look and feel when installed into our shafts. They’re so well made that you don’t need to tighten them up after each shot.


As far as bow string insert components go, there really isn’t anything better than an Ethic Archery system. They offer everything from small diameter arrows to large diameter arrows and everything in between. Their quality control is second to none and their customer service is unmatched.



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