Best Kayak Seat: 5 Must Have Models!

Best Kayak Seat: 5 Must Have Models!


BEST KAYAK SEAT– A complete Guide FOR Comfort and BACK SUPPORT!

If you have ever been kayaking and experienced tingling in your feet, numbness in your legs, or soreness in your lower back, you should look at the seat you are using. This Kayak accessory can really make the difference between a normal experience and a very enjoyable one.  Rigid plastic sheets are rarely comfortable, and even a cushioned seat might be unpleasant if the seat’s design is not suited to the person sitting in it.

Paddling a kayak with an uncomfortable seat can be a real pain in the rear end and may significantly restrict the amount of fun you get out of the experience. Even though you might consider a cushioned kayak seat to be a luxury addition,

We have researched and evaluated the most comfortable and best kayak seats currently on the market, and we will share our findings with you so you can make an informed decision about which model is best for you.

BEST KAYAK SEAT: Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat

Our top recommendation is the GTS Expedition High Back Seat because it is the most convenient travel companion for lengthy kayaking trips.

This model’s triangular strapping method allows it to be attached to virtually all varieties of kayaks. This system may be easily installed, and once it is in place, it prevents the seat from moving. Four clips attach to your kayak deck, and because it has six adjustment points, adjusting it to the ideal position is simple and quick.

In light of this, if your kayak does not already have robust d-rings, you will need to install new ones to connect the seat securely.

This kayak seat was made with comfort and durability from the beginning of the design process. It has a seat cushion made of EVA foam two inches thick and channels that allow for drainage, so you will not be sitting in a muddy puddle as you paddle. In the meantime, the molded backrest that is 18 inches high envelops the spine and provides a perfect combination of comfort and support for the back.

Additionally, the top layer of the GTS Expedition is a strong 600 denier, making it sturdy enough to resist scratches, scrapes, and the typical weather effects. Additionally, we appreciate that you have the option to connect a gear storage pocket to the back of the seatback. This provides a handy location to keep items such as water bottles and windbreakers.

This robust and comfy kayak seat does have one negative, and that is the expensive price tag that comes along with it. It is undoubtedly one of the best kayak seats available. Consequently, if you battle back discomfort when kayaking or are searching for a very comfortable ride, you could find it worthwhile to invest the extra money in this premium kayak seat.


The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is an excellent choice for paddlers who want a seat that is both comfy and affordable at the same time. This cushioned high-back seat gives your back lots of support and comfort.

Much like the GTS Expedition, this type utilizes four corrosion-resistant swivel-spring clips to secure itself to most kayaks. You will not waste time getting set up because attaching or detaching the seat between users should not take more than a few seconds each time. After it has been fastened, the seat position may be adjusted using the four strap sliders.


The seatback is not nearly as high as the one in the GTS Expedition, measuring 14.5 inches. However, even tall paddlers should still benefit from the adequate back support it offers. The additional comfort is also provided by the EPA foam padding located in the seat back and bottom. On the other hand, while going on longer trips, you could find that a kayak seat with thicker cushioning on the bottom is more comfortable.

Additionally, the entire seat is constructed using a UV-resistant nylon fabric, which ensures that it will not be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun in the same way that other models could be. This material is not only very powerful but also breathable, making it more pleasant to paddle when the weather is hot.

Reflective Ocean Kayak logos are another feature of this model that stands out to us. Even though this is not required during the daytime, it is a useful feature for paddles and tunnel crossings at night.


You will not need a kayak with a high back or any additional back support, will you? The Skwoosh Mesh Paddling Seat Cushion is a foldable cushion that provides a comfortable seat for paddling and can be used in any kayak.

Even though this model does not provide any back support, it is constructed to force you to sit a little bit higher and relieve strain on your bottom. The cushioning on the seat is not traditional foam but rather a fluidized gel that conforms to the contours of the user’s body. Because of this, you should not have to worry about your feet falling asleep while you are out on the water paddling.

You can install this seat straight into the plastic seat that your kayak already has because it has a non-skid bottom and a low profile. In addition, because there are no straps that need to be attached and adjusted, it will only take a few moments before you can be out on the lake.


This seat is probably the one that can be moved between kayaks with the least effort if you have more than one kayak. In addition to this, it folds up neatly, so you will not have any trouble putting it away or transporting it. In addition, it is entirely watertight by having a waterproof outside fabric and welded seams. After each usage, you can wash it down or let it air dry, which is a significant advantage. Mold and other odors are also less likely to grow while stored, which is another advantage.


When you are ready to begin bringing your children kayaking, you will want to ensure that they have the appropriate equipment to make the most of their time spent on the water and have a positive overall experience. If your children cannot sit properly in the kayak, it will not be long before they start to fidget and fuss.

The Harmony Gear Kid’s Kayak Seat is specially constructed to accommodate children weighing up to 85 pounds. Its broad seat cushion, which measures two inches in thickness, offers generous cushioning. Meanwhile, the high seat back provides support during paddling and a place to relax during breaks in the action.

Because this model does not attach to the kayak, no clips or other fixings are needed to keep it in place, making its assembly an extremely simple process. Because it is secured without using straps, this child’s seat may be easily installed in virtually any kayak, even sit-on-top kayaks that do not have connection points—or swapping roles in a tandem kayak without having to get out of the water by moving from the front seat to the duffer position.

This particular type features a strip of non-slip material attached to the underside of the seat to ensure that it stays in place. On the other hand, if you are searching for a seat that will fit your youngster more securely, you might want to look elsewhere for the best kayak seat.

This seat does not have connection straps that secure it to the kayak; however, it has two side straps that are adjustable and join the seatback to the cushion. You can change the seatback angle and the tension with these straps made of sturdy webbing. These adjustment locations may be reached while the seat is being used, a feature we really like.


The Gone Fishin’ Big Back Kayak Seat would be a useful accessory to bring along on your fishing vacation since it provides more storage space for your fishing rods and equipment and provides good back support.

What characteristics of this model make it the ideal seat for kayak fishing? It comes with built-in storage, which is one of its greatest advantages. The seat is outfitted with a vertical rod holder on either side, allowing you to stow the rods out of the way as you travel. On the seatback, it also features a place for pliers or other equipment and a bag that can be removed, providing safe storage for a total of five tackle boxes.

You can get to your gear without turning around, thanks to the fact that two of these compartments on the tackle box are situated on the sides rather than on the back. You could also use the quick access pockets to hold your phone or GPS device, enabling you to check your whereabouts while moving. In addition, there are safety straps that will keep your items in the appropriate place.

You will not experience discomfort throughout your time on the water, so you can spend hours without becoming tired or cranky. The seat provides a cushioned foam bottom, ventilated lumbar support, and a high back that measures 20 inches, all of which work together to help you maintain the proper posture while kayaking.

In addition to being adjustable, this model features a two-point attachment mechanism that enables it to be fastened to various kayaks.


Although kayak seats may seem like uncomplicated additions, you are choosing the appropriate one requires more consideration than appearing at first. It needs to be able to fit in your kayak, and it also needs to be broad enough that you can sit in it for hours without being uncomfortable.

However, the best kayak seats should also offer the appropriate level of support for the back and be used for a large range of brands. It should withstand repeated washings and be breathable enough to prevent you from turning your body into a swimming pool while you wear it.


By now you might have a better idea of which kayak seat will be most suitable for you after reading our guide to selecting the best kayak seat and seeing our reviews of the top five available kayak seats on the market.

After giving each of the available kinds of kayak seats some serious thought, it became abundantly evident that one model stood head and shoulders above the competition: the Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat.

It is one of the best kayak seats on the market because of its curved form, high seat back, and EVA cushioning. Nevertheless, because of its ingenious drainage and attachment method, it is our top pick despite being more expensive.

And remember that Kayak seat can be used for sit in and sit on top kayaks.

Have fun and stay safe 😉


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