List of the top 6 Archery indoor ranges in Seattle

List of the top 6 Archery indoor ranges in Seattle

INDOOR ARCHERY RANGE-Best indoor archery range

the Best indoor Archery Ranges in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, has been called the “Rainy City” since rain falls there almost every day. It’s not just rain, though; it’s also archers who shoot arrows at targets during rainy days.

As for funny things, there are lots of archery ranges in the Seattle area, and most of them are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of archer. We are convinced that you will find the best indoor archery range for you.

If you’re going to be playing golf outdoors, you might want to consider bringing an umbrellas because Seattle is such a rainy city. But since it rains so often here, you’ll see that nature outside is so beautiful and so green!

So I’ve put together a list of the the best indoor archery ranges available near Seattle, WA, so grab your Starbucks, your raincoat, and your bow and arrow and let’s hit the range!

If you are curious about regulating organisation for the sport of archery in the United States then we recommend you to read these archery books.

The Nock Point-Best archery indoor range

The Nock Point is the best indoor archery range and pro shop combo in Mountlake Terrace. It includes everything you need for target shooting.

They offer an indoor range with up to 26 lanes, ranging from as close to five feet to as far away as 18 meters. All types of bows are allowed, including recurve, long draw, compound, and cross bows. Refreshments, stand, and equipment tables are included.

Adult prices are $12.50 per hour, $6 for children, and discounted lanes cards are also available for sale. If you’d like to rent skates, it costs $27.50 per person, plus the regular hourly rate.

The Nock Point is the best indoor archery range and it has everything you need for archery.

Skookums Archery Club & Range

Located in Puyallup in Washington State, Skookum’s Archery is the best indoor archery range it offers an extensive range of archery activities for both beginners and experts alike.

The target ranges feature two main courses, one which is a walkthrough course with 56 different shooting positions. The second course is an open field with shooting positions ranging from 20 to 101 yards away, plus some FITA (Field Impact Training Area) shots that are at 18-100 meters.

Although Skooks is technically an archery clubs, there are also times were their facilities are open to public! The range is opened from dawn to dusk,and the cost is $10 for each adults and $5 for each youths from ages 12-17.Children under 11 are allowed for free! Come try out!

 Flying Duchess Ranch

If you’re looking for something a bit different than regular archery, why not visit Flying Duchess Ranch? It offers horseback riding lessons, as well as “mounted martial arts.”

Horseback archers can shoot from the saddle, but they’re not limited to just shooting arrows from horses. They can also shoot from the back of a horse, which is one of the most popular activities here at Flying Duchess Ranch. There are tournaments, private lessons, and even special clinics and events available for horseback archers, and pricing varies by event.

If you want to experience the feeling of living life without modern conveniences, then you may want to give horseback camping a shot.

Next Step Archery

Next Step Archery was established in 2005 by Bob Hickely, as a non- profit archery education centre. It actually one of the best indoor archery range and it shares its location with another archery club called Nock Point Archery Club. So if you’re looking for an archery range near Seattle, then head down to either one of these clubs.

Next Step Archerry offers a wide range of different classes, shooting competitions, special events, tournaments and archery camp programs, and accordingly, prices might differ depending on which class or event you’re looking at. Check them out!

Next Step Archerry, as an education center for archers, teaches from beginning to advanced levels when it come to archery, and has a state of the art indoor facility with 28 lanes ranging from 14-20 yards per lanEe and 14-10 yards.

 Riverside Archery

Located in Mount Vernon, Washington, Riverside is the best indoor Archery range and it offers a professional staff and all the gear you could ever want for an affordable price.

Despite its small size, the archery range at Riverside Archery is popular among people who want to practice their skills. It costs just $5 for each participant.

If you’re from the Mt. Vernon area and looking for something fun to do, check out this little gem. It has everything you need to enjoy yourself.

 KBH Archers

Anotherbest indoor archery range, KBH Archery, is located in Kitsap County, Washington. It offers a wide variety of services including lessons, clinics, camps, and tournaments.

The indoor rifle ranges are approximately 5,000 square feet, and they have 16 shooting lines. There is also a walk through rifle line with about 28 targets, and they also offer an outdoor rifle line that goes out to 100 yards.

If you want to go camping and archery, or just archery, then KBH is the best indoor archery range for you to try!

What You Need for Indoor Target Archery Gear?

Maybe your hunting season is coming to an end and you’re looking forward to keeping your bowhunting skills sharp. Or maybe you’re just looking for something else to do indoors during the winter months. Either case, indoor archery targets can be a fun hobby that can quickly turn into an obsession. But before you head out to buy any archery equipment, make sure you’ve got a few basic items on hand. Below we’ve listed some good starting points for indoor archery equipment. You’ll find them useful whether you’re new to archery or already a seasoned pro.


BOW CASE- Legend Alpha

  • PROTECTIVE; This soft compound archery bag will protect your precious compound archery equipment from damage during transportation and accidental knockings and tumblings.
  • Storage; Carry all your compound archery accessories wherever you go with the Alpha Compound Archery Case. It holds most compound archery equipment, including your compound arrows, quiver, and even an MTM Ultra Compact archery case.

Buy here the Legend Alpha

Legend Alpha-Best indoor archery range
Legend Alpha-Best indoor archery range

TARGET ARCHERY QUIVER- KRATARC Archery Lightweight Back Arrow Quiver

  • Size: Width: Approx. 19 inches, Height: Approx. 4 inches. Suitable for 18 ~ 24 arrows.
  • High quality: quality polyester fabric with adjustable padded shoulder strap, thicken bottom, wearproof and durable. Help to storage arrows firmly.
  • Molle system & patch design: you can use any accessory you want and customize your own quivers.
  • Dual carry ways: It is flexible in practice. You can carry the quiver on the back with 3-piont shouler strap. If you want to use it as a hip quiver, you can remove the shoulder strap easily and hang with belt clip.

Buy here the KRATARC Archery Lightweight Back Arrow Quiver

KRATARC Archery Lightweight Back Arrow Quiver
KRATARC Archery Lightweight Back Arrow Quiver

UTILITY BELT-Easton Deluxe Quiver Belt

If you’re going to carry a quiver, you’ll definitely want to add a belt to hold it upright. However, if you don’t own one already, then you might consider buying the Pro Shooter’s Belt instead.

  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1.13 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 15.5 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 1.38 Inches

Buy here the Easton Deluxe Quiver Belt

Easton Deluxe Quiver Belt
Easton Deluxe Quiver Belt

UTILITY OR RELEASE POUCH- Legend – XT520 Quick Release Pouch & Finge

If you’re the type of person who always wants an extra pocket for something else, this is a good thing to add to your indoor target archery equipment checklist.

DIVIDED POUCH – The Legend XT 520 has soft interior lined micro fleece and features a divider to help you keep your finger tabs or release aids organized and separate. Our unique design lets you keep your spare in one side and quickly reach in to grab what you need without having to look

Buy here the Legend – XT520 Quick Release Pouch & Finge

Legend - XT520 Quick Release Pouch & Finge
Legend – XT520 Quick Release Pouch & Finge

SHOOTING STOOL-Elevation Nest Shooter Stool, Black

We get it – you’re tired of carrying your bow case everywhere you go. That’s why we designed the Nest shooter stool. It holds a stool base (which is sturdy enough to support 300 lbs), plus a removable backpack that fits any size bag. Plus, it comes with an arrow quivver so you can practice anywhere. And if you’re worried about losing your arrows, just detach them from the quivver and they’ll stay put until you’re ready to shoot again.

Buy here the Elevation Nest Shooter Stool, Black

Elevation Nest Shooter Stool, Black
Elevation Nest Shooter Stool, Black

how to build an indoor archery range?

Watch this cool video to set up the most affordable indoor archery range.

Final thoughts

If you’ve never tried indoor archery before, now is the perfect time to get started. Indoor archery leagues start in January each year. You can join one of these leagues and see if you enjoy it. If you’re serious about becoming an archery star, then you’ll want to practice regularly throughout the winter months. Practice indoors so you won’t have to worry about getting hit by snowballs or falling trees during outdoor sessions. Improve your skills and shoot better arrows.  Let us know in the comment below if this article helped you discover the best indoor archery range in Washington. Let us know in the comment below.



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