Best hiking leggings: Our 7 picks

Best hiking leggings: Our 7 picks

A women wearing leggings and running in death valley national park-Best hiking leggings

Best Hiking Leggings for Comfort & Performance-Detailed guide

Hikers know that the right clothing can help them enjoy their hiking trips more. During shorter walks, they should wear lightweight shirts in breathable materials such as Merino Wool, Cotton, Nylons, Polyester etc. On longer hikes, they should carry heavier jackets and pants made up of durable materials like leather, Gore Tex, Cordura etc.

When hiking during cold weather, wear layers of clothing made from different types of material. Regardless of which type of hiking you’re planning on doing, these 10 pairs of leggings will keep you warm and dry through your adventure.

How to Choose the Best Leggings for Hiking?

Selecting a set of hiker leggins isn’t all that different than selecting a pair of traditional walking pants to wear on the hike.

It’s all a question of figuring out what can withstand the abuse of Mother Nature without costing too much.


You’ll want to wear waterproof leggins because they’re the main reason you’ll need them when you hike.

They’re way more comfy than traditional jeans!

It’s especially important when you encounter a fallen log blocking the path and you want to get past it without having to climb over it.

They should fit snugly and the best hiking pants should almost feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

It doesn’t mean that all leggins will be equal when it comes to comfort and mobility.


It’s difficult to come up with something that works well in every situation.

These are the best hiking pants if you’re going to be doing any serious hiking.

Unlike nylon hiking pants, leggings can really help keep you warm when you’re out on a hike. They can also be worn under skirts and dresses for an added layer of warmth.

If leggings are made from materials that are more durable and contain lots of reinforcements, they may not appear as natural and might not be suitable for outdoor activities.


Even if you buy the most durable pair of tights available, they won’t be as durable as high-end nylon and polyester weaved pants.

Legging hiking pants are made for comfort and mobility.

Hiking tuxedo pants differ greatly in terms of their longevity, with the heaviest-weighted pairs being made out of durable nylon.

Cotton is almost as good as polyester, and organic fabrics like silk are the least durable of all.

If you want to buy a pair of pants that can withstand heavy use, then look for brands that use reinforcing patching on high-use areas like the seat and knee of the pants.

Weather Resistance

When looking at hiking pants, one of the most important things to consider is whether they’re resistant to sweat buildup.

Some materials dry faster than others.

Because cotton is so slow, it isn’t used in most hiking clothes, including leggings, but it is used for some items.

Wool is also not especially quick to dry, so its blends with nylon and polyester make it slightly more water-resistant.


Leggings are very similar, and often, identical to base-layer clothing. They’re designed with sweat-wicking properties and breath sufficiently so you don’t become a hot mess and overheat.

The difference is that these people must perform their job duties while also being able to withstand extreme temperatures. It’s not easy to achieve this.

Similar to other types of outerwear, the most breathable materials for hiking boots are usually made from organic fibers.

Leggings made from cotton tend to be too bulky for intense workouts because they tend to soak up sweat, but wool leggings are often preferred for their anti-odor qualities and breathable nature.

Best hiking leggings

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights-Best hiking leggings
Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights-Best hiking leggings

These are the best hiking pants on our list. Made from tough but highly mobile nylon-elastene fabric, they offer an UPF 50 rating and boast reinforcement in the seats and ankles for increased abrision resistance and durability.

With three zippered handwarmer pockets, four-way stretch material that offers good durability and comfort, and a wide waistband, the Marmot Men’s Abisko Tights are not just great for winter but great for any season.

They’re expensive, but they offer good value for money because of their ruggedness and specific features designed for trails. For more informations about hiking clothes See our review about hiking clothes for women.

Buy here the Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights

Prana Elect

PrAna Elect-Best hiking leggings
PrAna Elect-Best hiking leggings

The prAna electra are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want a pair of eco-conscious, high-performance leggings.

Made from 76 percent recycled nylon and 24 percent elastine, these midweight, high-waist tights offer lots of stretch and durability.

Despite its lack of softness, we think the Electra earns our top spot because of its other features.

We especially liked the oversized pockets and flat lock seams, and found them to be most comfortable in the widest range of temperature conditions, offering enough warmth in colder weather and keeping us cool when temperatures were hot.

Buy here the PrAna Elect

Eddie Bauer Trail Tight

Eddie Bauer Trail Tight-Best hiking leggings
Eddie Bauer Trail Tight-Best hiking leggings

They’re perfect for almost everyone who wants to wear something comfortable but stylish. And they’re available at an affordable cost.

They’re breathable, made with stretchy material, use double-weave leg paneling for added durability, have an extra-high wick crotch gusset, use a Polygiene anti odor technology to help keep them smelling clean.

The Bauer’ s Polygiene treatment doesn’t last as long as some treatments but it’ s best viewed as an added bonus on the rest of the things these tuxedo pants have to offer including a DWR finish, upf 50+ UV protective rating, three pockets, and unmatched mobility.

Buy here the Eddie Bauer Trail Tight

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Tights

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Tights-Best hiking leggings
Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Tights-Best hiking leggings

You’re looking for the best warm hiking pants for cooler days on the trail? Well, your search can probably stop right here.

These Smartwool tights provide warmth without weighing you down. They’re made from a blend of 46 percent polyster, 38 percent merino wool, and 16 percent elastan.

They’re made from soft merino wools, which provide next-to-skin warmth and comfort, and tough nylons, which tackle the elements. A wind proof front panel and DWR treatment make them even better prepared for bad weather.

These thermal leggings are a little too warm for summer hiking, but for winter adventures, they’re the best in the business!

Buy here the Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Tights

Arc’teryx Essent

Arc'teryx Essent-Best hiking leggings
Arc’teryx Essent-Best hiking leggings

They’re made from durable, abrassive, stretchy, Chira™ nylon and Elastane knit fabric. Buyers anticipating rough terrain and wanting something that will last longer than just a few seasonselec​t them.

However, they’re not just about durability and longevity. They also breath well when you’re working out, have a mesh-lined waistband for added ventilation, and have two large storage pockets for keeping your stuff organized.

We found the Essent to be slightly softer than the Pack Out Tight, but they’re both excellent choices for backpacking.

Buy here the Arc’teryx Essent

Montane Women’s Ineo Pro

Montane Women’s Ineo Pro-Best hiking leggings for women
Montane Women’s Ineo Pro-Best hiking leggings

With the Ineos Pro, Montane did more than their closest competitors when it came to keeping us cool, free from chafing, and able to move easily on the trail.

These high-rise “pant” shorts are designed with an abrasion-resistant Mala stretch fabric that feels soft against the skin and is hard wearing compared to the fabrics used in most polyesters-based competitors. They include a gusset crotch for increased flexibility and comfort, and they’re equipped with a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment to help prevent them from becoming wet when it rains.

Unlike the Fjällräven Abisko, which has reinforcement in areas prone to wear, the Ineos don’t have reinforcement in these areas. They’re cheaper than the Abisko, though, and feel slightly softer against the body.

Buy here the Montane Women’s Ineo Pro

Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Rock Tight

Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Rock Tight-Best hiking leggings for women
Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Rock Tight-Best hiking leggings

The Chockstone’s 88% nylon, double weave construction, and DWR coating makes them almost as durable and weather resistant as many DWR coated hiking pants. However, their four-directional stretch fabric, thigh gussets, and high waist band mean they’re hands down winners in terms of comfort, flexibility, and durability.

While not quite as soft and stretchy as the Patagonia PackOut or Ineo Pro (which are both excellent picks), the Chockstones are an excellent choice for hikers who prefer a tighter fit that allows them to wear their lighter weight hiking clothes without having to bring their heavier jackets.

Buy here the Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Rock Tight

Will you start hiking in leggings?

If you’re used to wearing hiking shorts, then converting to hiking tights may be an easy way to add some variety to your wardrobe. You won’t sacrifice any of the benefits of hiking tights, but they offer a different look than hiking shorts.

When choosing between shorts and pants, consider the weather conditions, and choose something that wicks away sweat and dries quickly. If you’re going to be wearing them for long periods of time, then go for something that keeps you warm. Because your safety is our priority, we selected for you the best hiking dogs for outdoor adventures.



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