Top 9 Sirius archery arrows

Top 9 Sirius archery arrows

Appolo-Best of Sirius archery

Looking for the The best of Sirius archery hunting products? Stay with me

Sirius Archery

A brand that has a clear purpose!

At Sirius Archery they want to offer the highest quality carbon arrows available. They use high grade carbons which yield a great strength to weight ratio, making them ideal for any bow style. Their goal is to offer the strongest shafts for any bow type, no matter the situation.

They truly take that assertion to heart! On their spines, they provide what is typically known as an aftermarket (50$) component improvement, and supply that as a STANDARD for their clients. They can do this whilst remaining competitive to other’ s prices by staying direct-to consumer. They are the FIRST company to do this. If you are cusrious about the history of archery and you want to know all the details about it then you should read more archery books.

5 Best Archery Books That are Highly Recommended!

They produce the strongest arrows on the market. They offer what is traditionally known as an aftermarket (52$) component upgrade as STANDARD and maintain a competitive price. They are the FIRST to do this. Their goal is to provide the most durable shaft for any arrow build.

On top of that, They also provide a full customization service, direct-to consumer. This is a true BowShops direct-to-consumer, 100 percent customized bow. This is not your box store built bow. Every bow is a personalized experience with the customer. Their team works directly with you, to ensure your needs are met and your expectations exceed. Your shafts come pre-spined, squared, and ready for shooting. They are the first company to bring this bow builder (100 percent customizable) and make it available DIRECT-TO-CUSTOME


Absolutely unreal penetration. These arrows are tough as nails, fly like a dart and, in my opinion, penetrate better than any other shaft out there. You will not be disappointed in the Orions

I didn’t realize how much my bow was out of tune until I started bare shafting these arrows. Fletchings were correcting some pretty big issues. I followed Ranch Fairy’s instructions and now have a bare shafts of 650, 625 and 600 grains shooting like darts. This takes some time to

Best sellers products-Best of Sirius archery


If you’re looking for an arrow that can handle anything, look no further than the Apollo 204 diameter arrow. It can withstand everything from Midwest Whitetails to Dangerous Games.

Made with proprietary carbones/resins and manufactured using state-of-the art technologies, the Apollo.204D is a true performer. Its outer layer of Carbon weave adds incredible strength and straightnes to the Shatcth. And when paired with Premium Ethical Archery componentstheir perfect platform for buildign high FOC and high Momentum Shattes. So whatever your next Mision is, make sure you’re armed witth the Sirius Archery Apollo 204D diameter Arrowe.


Orion-Best of Sirius archery
Orion-Best of Sirius archery

The Orion is the best of sirius archery it was introduced to the public a little later than other 166 models. They felt that Sirius Archery needed to correct the common problem of micro diameters being too easy to break. By utilizing a proprietary blend of resinous materials along with one of the highest priced pure graphite compound available, they feel they’ve come up with the answer. Using an advanced lay up process, the Orion spine provides consistent shaft quality. With aerospace grade 40 ton graphite and resins, this bow is designed for long range hunting throughout North America to Africa.


Vulcan-Best of sirius archery
Vulcan-Best of sirius archery

The Vulcan Shaft was developed for the primal hunters. The shaft was designed to provide superior performance and durability. A proprietary blend of mid- and high-modulus material and resins were used to create an ideal balance between weight, power, and control. The shaft is 32″ uncuts.

SuperNova 2.0-0.246

SuperNova-Best of sirius archery
SuperNova-Best of sirius archery

If you’re looking for an affordable 3D/hunting bow, they’ve got just the thing for you! their new Supernova 2.0 bow features a revolutionary design that combines high performance with low cost.

The Supernova 2.0 shaft has been engineered to perform better than most other shafts in its class and ensure proper performance for any mission you may have. It features proprietary resinous materials, novel manufacturing techniques, and lightweight GPI (grip perimeter index) which allows you the feel and control you need when flying.

The SuperNova 2.0 comes standard with a 12–gauge insert and 8–gauge nock. A premium archery insert is available as an upgrade.

The Prefletched SuperNova

The prefletched Supernova 2.0 is a 6mm shaft fletchd in a 3-vanes configuration, with 2″ Bohning Bluebird vanes on the cockside and white Henvanes on the henside.

They listened to their customers’ feedback and created the Supernova 2.o bow. It combines high quality materials and features at an affordable cost.

The Supernova 2.0 standard diameter golf club head has been engineered to outperforms the others in its class. It will ensure that you get the best performance out of your clubs when playing at the highest level. With proprietary resinous materials, novel molding techniques, and lightweight GPI, the Supernova 2.0 will give you the feel and flight characteristics you want for every shot.

The Supernova 2.0 comes standard equipped with a 12-gauge insert and 8-gauge nock. A premium archery insert is available as an optional accessory.


 If you’re looking for an arrow that can handle anything you put its way, look no further than the Apollo 204 Diameter Arrow. It can withstand everything from Midwest Whitetails to Dangerous Game.

Made with proprietary carbones/resin mixtures and manufactored using cutting edge processes, the Apollo.203 is a true performer.The outer layers of the Apollo 203 arrows are made of carbon weave that add incredible strength and straightnessto the shaft.And when paird with premium ethics archerycomponets(standard)it providesthe perfect platfromfor buildign high fcand high momentumshafts.So whatever your next missionis.

Trade star

If you’re looking for more traditional arrows but want them to be precise, then look no further than TradStar arrows. They bring together precision tolerances in an affordable package.

The TradStar Arrows is a standard diameter arrow that has been engineered to perform better than the rest in its class. Lightweight spines combined with tighter tolerances allows the traditional archer to shoot faster and recover quicker from shots.

The TradStar comes with a 12-grain arrow rest and 8-grain nocks. You can get premium archery arrows as an upgrade. They offer a full custom service where they can add feathers or vanes to your bow.

Phoenix-0.300-Best of sirius archery

The Phoenix Crossbow Bolt was designed for one purpose: to rise up to the challenges. It’s a sturdy build shaft made from high modulus graphite on a High Modulus (HM) core providing great bow string pull, excellent balance and the basis for heavy bow builds. The arrows are finished with three coats of our enhanced 3K fiberglass weave providing great bow string pull and durability.

With advances in technology, the Phoenix cross bow bolt has become the basis for reaching heavier arrow weights and maintaining spine at those lofty speeds.

SuperNova hunting 3D

If you’re looking for an affordable 3D hunting bow, they’ve got just the thing for you! their new Supernova 2.0 bow features precise tolerances at a low price.

The Supernova 2.0 shaft has been designed to outperform the competition and ensure complete coverage for any mission you may have. From 3D shooting to dangerous game, this product will give you the performance you need. With proprietary resin materials, novel manufacturing processes, light GPI, and high strength, the Supernova 2.0 will provide you with the ultimate in accuracy and control.

The Supernova 2.0 comes standard equipped with a 12-gauge insert and 8-gauge nock. A premium archery insert is available as an optional upgrade.

What costumers think about Sirius archery?

Here are Some customers reviews:

  • Received my Sirius archery shafts and I’m impressed. Spined right at 100 spine and all 9 shafts were extremely close in spine on my RAM. Weight also within 1 grain deviation. Came with Ethics 90-110 grain steel inserts, which I cut down to 65 grains as I’m using 150 grain points. Fletched some up with Aerovane II and with the Firenock lighted nocks came in at 475 grains. Will shoot in the next few days, but expect them to shoot very well. Will be listing my dozen BEE’s; 6 made by Jerry and 6 by me
  • I love the Sirius archery Phoenix, they’re the best arrows I’ve shot. Well build, come with SS ethics inserts (and the 110 seems to be the perfect weight) and when I knock time them it’s very difficult to pick which orientation is best/worst (they’re all good). Not to mention Seth Poston (the owner) is one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve talked to in the hunting community. Highly recommend!
  • I personally shoot the Apollo’s for my hunting setup. My total arrow weight is 613 gr. In my opinion the Sirius archery arrows are the toughest arrows I have ever shot. I have been shooting them since before they were even on the market. They also have some of the tightest tolerances I have ever had. I shot a buck this year that blew through both shoulders and stuck into the ground. Arrow is back in the quiver with no issues at all.



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