AAE archery: the world’s largest manufacturer of nocks and vanes!

AAE archery: the world’s largest manufacturer of nocks and vanes!

Mountain Series-Best of aae archery

The best of AAE archery – Everything you absolutely need to know

The story and the vision of AAE archery

By 1971, Tom and Millicent Fisher, along with Charles and Elizabeth Sandlin, purchased Plastifletch. Over the next few years, Plastifletch evolved into its current form. In 1948, Max Hamilton cut the first vanes using scissors and templates; he later moved onto an extrusion system and a stamping machine.

AAEMO started making injection molded vanes in 1974 because there was no good extruder available. At the same time, they introduced their first product called “Plastinock” which would become one of the most popular products ever made by them. They moved to their current location in Prescott Valley in 1977.

At the turn of last century, Tom and Millie Fisher decided to retire and sell the business to their two boys TJ and Dan Fisher. Both had played an integral role in the company’s past achievements and growth. In 2006 the company purchased Cavalier Equipment from Dick & Diane Tone, which expanded the range of high quality equipment offered by AAE.

In 2013, Dan Fisher retired from A&A after 35 years of service to pursue other interests outside the family business. The last ten years have witnessed Nick Fisher, who grew up and was educated in the family business, take over as General Manager. With the changing, supportive staff, Nick believes the 50 year Fisher Family and Arizona Archerry Enterprises heritage will continue to flourish for generations to come.

Today, AAE archery remains the world’s leading manufacturer of nocks and vanes. They continue to design and manufacture our own products, as well as provide custom components for their archery partner companies. Quality is always our top priority.

 They continue to be the world‘s leading producer of nocks and vaners. Whether it is one their own designs or customized products for their archery partners, they take pride in ensuring that their products meet high standards.

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The best of AAE archery products

BITZ KNOB 456-AAE archery

BITZ KNOB 456-Best of aae archery
BITZ KNOB 456-Best of aae archery

After receiving so many requests for a larger version of their original Bitz Knob design, they’re happy to announce the release of the 4, 5, & 6 fluted Bitz Knobs.

The Orange Bitz knob is a creative and sophisticated solution to cater to those archer who enjoy the testing, tinker­ing, and experimenting aspects of bowhun­ting. It has been tested both by proffesional archer and masters builders alike, who attested it provides exact vanes every time regardless of your chosen configura­tion. Both Bitz knobs feature positive nock engage­ment for a more consistent nocking experience.

MAX Stealth-AAE archery

MAX Stealth-Best of aae archery
MAX Stealth-Best of aae archery


Their new Max Stealth vanes offer the whisper quiet performance of their 2.6 inch Elite Plastifletches with the durability and flexibility offered by their proprietary MAX materials. The MAX Stealth also feature the ultra stable ribbed design that has made the MAX line so popular among hunters and archers alike. This combination results in a very quiet and accurate veneer that everyone will enjoy.

Mountain Series SHORT-aae arcchery

The Mountain Series Stable is a hunting stabiliser. This series of stabilisers is an ultra light, micro size stabiliser to reduce wind drift while retaining rigidity. They have a revolutionary inner vibration dampening material to eliminate residual frequencies before they reach the bow. There is also a three ounce weight that comes with it.

Gripper Single-AAE archery

The Single mount designed grip by AAE provides the best combination of strength and flexibility. The tapered engagement allows for maximum surface contact for the ultimate in safety while using 7075 T6 aircraft grade billet steel to provide the strongest connection to the bow possible without sacrificing any flex.
AAE’S new proprietary BLS (bolts lock system) automatically microdrivess the components out when the user loosened the bolts. The BLS prevents unwanted seizing or bindiing common with anodized surfaces. Laser etched reference markings have been included on both axes to ensure the finest of movements can be monitored. The recessed mounting holes allow for a clean finished appearance when mounted.

Crush – Hybrid 26

When hunting season rolls around, the Lakosks head out into the fields and forests of eastern Iowa to hunt whitetail deer. And when the time arrives to harvest the animals, they show an uncanny knack for making sure every animal goes down without a hitch.

Hybrid vanes feature a new Base Dynamics blade shape designed to maximize the vanes material dynamic stiffness when applied to an archery bow. They also include AAE’s famous stabilizing ridgelines for the ultimate in stability, durability, and performance!

Vane specs-

  • Length: 2.70″
  • Height: .50″
  • Grain Wt: 8.3
  • Tough material and instant adhesion
  • Industry-leading quality and colors
  • Factory-applied activator on base (No vane prep or primer pen needed)
  • Bright, visible colors
  • Excellent memory & durability


The NEW Patent Pended Freakshow QD is the best of aae archery simply that! In addition to standard or long mount, the new rests feature an innovative adjustable launch arm called the “Sling Blades”. The Sling Blades feature AAE’s proprietary hexalignment connection for easy removal of blades without loosing your tune. However, the Sling Blades are now adjustable forward or backward without moving the entire mount. The new Sling Blades will give archery enthusiasts the ability to easily adjust the position of the launch arm depending on their setup.
The Sling Blades come with an engineered 38 degrees angle when aligned with the mount itself while also allowing for quick adjustments of the overall angle of the launch arm. The QD mount incorporates a built in bubble for those using single bergner hole risers which allows for perfect mounting of the mount/rifle combination.
The Freakshow Qd comes with two different original lengths of launcher blade to help the elite target shooter adjust for the perfect tune. Standard width in.010” thickness installed and wide width in.012” thickness. Freakshow QD parts are stainless steel.

Mountain Series

Mountain. Series-Best of aae archery
Mountain. Series-Best of aae archery

The Mountain Series Stablizer is designed as a hunters stabiliser. This series of stabilisers is an ultra light, micro diameter stabiliser to reduce wind drag while maintain stiffness. They have a revolutionaite internal vibrational dampening material to kill residual frequency before it reaches the bows. There is a 3 oz weight that come on it.


Introducing the new best of aae archery AAE MAX WRAPZ! With the industry’s best vanes, it was time to give their customers something truly special – a wrap that would make your arrows stand out in flight. Made from the highest quality non coated material, these wraps are easy to install and last longer than any other wrap we sell.

They also feature a unique adhesive system that allows them to adhere to the entire length of the bowstring without peeling off. These wraps are 1 inch wide and can be used on any type of archery equipment. Available colors include yellow, orange, green, pink, and white. They recommend ordering one extra so you can try them before buying.

In this cool video you will see a quick review about aae archery trad vanes-Traditional archery. Don’t forget to enjoy your practice and be safe.


Some Costumers review about aae archery products

Good quality product that looks great while doing what it is supposed to do

The Mountain Series Stabilizers look good, makes the sight bubble come to a perfect level when I come to full draw, and are very secure paired with the Gripper Series mounts. AAE archery makes some GOOD stuff!! They come very well packaged too.

My experience with aae archery has been that nothing else comes close to the durability, quality, and performance of the Stealth Vane. It’s also one of the most silent hunting tools available. And I would definitely use them over Tac Vaned blades. They’re just so much quieter.

Easy install, precision clicks when fletching desired vane pattern. Very stable nock control – far and away better than stock knobs on the Bitzenburger jigs. If you’re looking for precision while fletching your arrows invest in the Bitz Knob.

I used a 6″ back rest and a 7 oz. front rest. My setup was perfect. The sights were leveled at full draw. I chose the 6″ backrest because I wanted the gun to fit into my truck without sticking out too much. It works great for me, you do what you want.

Purchased the Mountain Series 15″ and 6″ Stabilizer Grippers, the Quick Disconnects for the Front and Back. AAE’s Customer Support was very helpful and professional. They were able to answer my questions quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone who wants great customer support!

Excellent addition to the bows. Fit and finishing are excellent, and once adjusted everything remains in place. Period. I really like the hash mark on both ends to verify that it hasn’t moved.



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