How to choose your Salamon hiking boots?

How to choose your Salamon hiking boots?

Hiking boots-Best Salomon hiking boots

7 Best Salomon Hiking Boots-A comprehensive guide

You don’t need to worry too much about choosing the right pair of hiking boots.

If you’re going to be walking for hours at a time, then any shoe that feels good when you turn around a couple of corners will probably feel fine after an hour or two.

Whether you’re gearing up for your first hike or an experienced hiker looking for this season’s latest look book, choosing a perfect combo of performance and fashion is crucial.

Let’s start with the good stuff. There are more great walking shoes available than ever before. From flat-footed, bowlegged hobblers to arced walkers, everyone can find a pair of shoes that perfectly fit their feet and push them out for more walks.

However, that freedom of choice is not without consequences. Online markets are so large and varied and confusing; where should one even begin?

What about starting your search by looking at a great brand that has been around for years but hasn’t gotten too big for its britch?

We’ve been blown away by one particular product so often that we’re convinced it’s worth mentioning here.

Salomon has built its reputation as a leader in outdoor adventure footwear for four seasons of mountain adventures

With its innovative approach to footwear design, the company has developed a range of shoes that are among the best in their class.

Salomon didn’t step into the outdoor market to be another corporate generalists. It has earned its spot at the top of many lists of best hiking boot brands, so today we’ve got the inside story on some of their best shoes.

All About Salomon Boots

The hiking boot brand Salomon began by providing the best ski equipment in the business with hardcore binding systems and soon gained notoriety for its high-performance skiing gear.

If you really wanted to get things right, you’d have to do them yourself, so they gathered together their best bindings with Alpine and ski boot companies.

They started out making ski equipment but then they expanded into snowboard gear. Eventually, they made snowboards too.

As the number of their different shoe styles grew larger, they kept tying them together by a simple ethos: making life on top of the world easier.

These modern Salomon boots are designed for four different types of activities: hiking, rockcliming, ski­ping, and mountaineering.

They’ve focused on footwear and have stayed true to their roots by creating a variety of different Salomon boots for men and women.

We’re going to be covering some of the best boot options out there today. They’ll fit for any occasion, whether you’re looking at cross country skiing or just walking through town. Let’s get started!

All of these shoes use Salomons’ own grip systems called Contraband Strength, and they also use their controversial quickdraw laces (which we don’t recommend).

Lacing up these shoes might just be the next big trend in hiking, or a pain in the ass for hikers everywhere.

If you’re planning to buy hiking boots for next year’s winter wonderland, then check out this Salomon boots review.

Best Salomon hiking boots

Quest 4 GORE-TEX

Quest 4 GORE-TEX-Best salomon hiking boots
Quest 4 GORE-TEX-Best salomon hiking boots

For years, the Quest family has kept hikers on their feet with its high quality shoes. Now, Salomon has brought back the legendary Quest boot in a new generation.

The durable upper locks your feet into place, while the waterproof Gore-Tex won’t allow any unwanted moisture to enter.

Early spring of 2021 brought many new features to Salomon’s flagship boot line, including performance upgrades for every model. This latest version may not look much different than previous models, but there is a lot happening under the surface that redefines the shoe for today’s athletes.

A new heel chassis finished off the sole reinforcement and provided a stable foot throughout. Salomon added stability and somehow managed to cut a few grams from the old model to create a boot for the future.

The Quest series is among the most iconic hiking shoes of all time. While they’re not the cheapest shoe on the market, the numerous comfy features make them an excellent option for a serious hiker.

Buy here the Quest 4 GORE-TEX

X Ultra 3 Mid Aero Hiking

X Ultra 3 Mid Aero Hiking-Best Salomon hiking boots
X Ultra 3 Mid Aero Hiking-Best Salomon hiking boots

This mid-length shoe sneaked in loads of comfort features, widened the toes, and didn’t add any extra weight. It was a summer superstar and avoided Gore-Tex protection for quicker foot movement.

If you don’t plan on bouncing off too much rough and tumble ground, the X Ultra 3 offers all the waterproofness and comfort of Salomons Quest lines in a lighter and breathable package.

Compared to its flagship boot, the Timberland Men’s Waterproof Boot, this comfortable shoe from the outdoors company is less expensive and lighter, but just as durable.

Rainy days aren’t really worth going for hikes in. They’re too unreliable and uncomfortable. Instead, go for hikes when it’s sunny. You’ll enjoy them even more!

Buy here the X Ultra 3 Mid Aero Hiking

Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes
Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Single track running has lots of different considerations to take into consideration. Trail running requires you to be prepared for changes in terrain.

Salomon doesn’t just offer up boots designed for walking; they also manage to design some of the most comfortable trail running shoes out there.

The secret lies in the outer sole, where heavy-duty lug patterns provide multi-directional traction on uneven surfaces. From the mid-soles through the uppers, these sneakers are finished off with rubberized soles that can be slipped on and off quickly.

Be careful when walking through rocky terrain; watch out for rocks and root bumps. Bring along these certified speedster boots to help you get deeper into the woods and keep a spring in their steps.

Buy here the Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Ultra 3 Mid-GTX Hiking Boots

Ultra 3 Mid-GTX Hiking Boots
Ultra 3 Mid-GTX Hiking Boots

If you’re going to be hiking for hours at a time, bring something that works well for long hikes. Salomon took its popular mid-hike shoe and added an entirely waterproof Gore-Tex outer shell so you don’t get soaked when things go wrong.

These Salomons are perfect for day trips, weekend getaways, and even long hikes. They’re lightweight, water resistant, and extremely comfortable.

You can treat these as trail runners with boot-like support, an all-around shoe that wants to be the only pair of hiking boots you need.

Buy here the Ultra 3 Mid-GTX Hiking Boots

Outline Mid GTX

Outline Mid GTX
Outline Mid GTX

Some women’s lines in hiking boots leave quite a bit to be desireable. The Outline Mid provides far more than a lightweight version for the male line and brings shoe-like comfort into the high altitude world.

Waterproof and safe, these GTX shoes are made for the backcountry. Make good use of the lightweight traction and go the extra miles to the top of the mountain. The shoe is incredibly lightweight. No, it won’t last forever against a heavy load, but it does bring with it plenty of benefits.

Sneaky features like the midlength finish and ortholite foam help the shoes bounce off rough terrain and protect your feet at sea level as well as 5,000 meters.

Buy here the Outline Mid GTX

Shelter Climashield Waterproof Boots

Rain, sleets, snows, or shine — whatever the weather, you must go out!

For the outdoor adventurers who need protection from the elements, Salomon has created a lightweight but extremely protective waterproof shoe. It’s even finished off with an additional layer of insulation wrapped around your foot to keep any cold weather hazards out.

It has a monotone color scheme and a serious exterior that goes well with any type of clothing and makes for a good winter work shoe.

Vaya Blaze Boots

Vaya Blaze Boots
Vaya Blaze Boots

On the outside, they’re stylish; on the inside, they’re built tough. Honeycomb soles wrap the outer layer of these rugged shoes with a solid footing ready for off-road adventures. Sensiflex materials fit comfortably on day one and bring excellent flexiblity to the hiking boot.

It’s not meant for long distance hiking, but if you need something lightweight and warm, then the Blaze might be just what you’re looking for.

Instead, the Blaze has a similar fit to a typical shoe with some added traction and a few tricks.

Buy here the Vaya Blaze Boots

Outpulse Mid GORE-TEX

Outpulse Mid GORE-TEX
Outpulse Mid GORE-TEX

These lightweight and practical hiking boots provide a sleek look that performs equally well at a back yard barbecue as it does on the trails. The mid-top hiking boots are lighter than most hiking boots but they don’t make them any less capable – Salomons’ same signature sole and laces systems make these casual boots a true heavyweight.

You won’t be able to easily spot these boots among others because they’re not just any boot; they’re designed for the outdoors. They’re made from durable materials that keep them looking good even after years of use. And they’re built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

The advanced features wrapped up in a light and stylish shell makes this super breathable sneaker one of the hottest shoes for the season.

Buy here the Outpulse Mid GORE-TEX

Final Thoughts on Salomon Boots

With their powdery morning skies, desert nights, and everything in between, these Salomon boots have supported adventurers since they were first introduced.

They’ve kept their hiking boots true to their passionate ideals for decades now, but they’re always evolving to meet the needs of today’s hikers, explorers, and skiers. We think their newest models are some of the most comfortable and durable boots available, and we know you’ll be happy wearing them.


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