7 Top rated Oboz hiking shoes that will last you a liftime

7 Top rated Oboz hiking shoes that will last you a liftime

A man hiking with hiking shoes-Best Oboz hiking shoes

7 Best Oboz hiking shoes for all types of trails

When hiking, being ill-prepared for the task at hand means making a big mistake. To prepare yourself as best as you can, reach for Oboz’ most trusted hiking gear.

Here we present our top picks from the Oboz catalogue. We’ve selected some items that cover most of your requirements, so if you need an all-rounder, a supportive pair, something for the bad weather or anything else, these Oboz recommendations will fit the bill.

Best Oboz hiking shoes overall

Oboz Sawtooth II Low

Oboz Sawtooth II Low-Best oboz hiking shoes
Oboz Sawtooth II Low-Best oboz hiking shoes

What do you call an item that looks dreamy on the inside, but is undoubtedly formidable on the exterior?

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Sawtooth II is, by far, one of the most comfortable hiking shoes in the entire Oboz line. After its break-in period, its insoles were so plush and didn’t rub.

We did not experience any hotspots around the heel.

Despite the snug fit of its plush interior, nowhere inside the Sorel Men’s Low felt constricting. On the contrary, in fact; because the sole’s heel cup was spacious enough for natural foot movement.

We were really happy with the performance of the Oboz hiker. It was so good at keeping our feet in place that we didn’t experience any instances of foot lift.

But what about the sawtooth II low’s traction? We never lost our footing on low-lying rocks (dry), mossy stones, and semi-decayed logs on its proprietary sole.

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Oboz Sawtooth II Low BDry

Oboz Sawtooth II Low BDry
Oboz Sawtooth II Low BDry

When the weather changes from dry and favorable to unforeseeably wet, your best defense is in the Sawtooths II Low Dry!

Made from a BDry material, this Oboz shoe has just one solution for wet feet—a big NO! When we first tried them out, we were forced to slog through a series of muddy puddles.

Throughout it all, we kept our feet dry.

With its plush lining, the Sawtooth 2 Low BDry feels comfortable right out of the box. It was especially impressive for us when we saw the hiking boot’s default footbed.

On mile one, the Sawtooth II’s confines were already comfortable enough for us. Indeed, even though the Sawtooth II was built from sturdy materials, its interior didn’t feel tight at first. Once we slid inside, however, it loosened up to our satisfaction.

It was also quite enjoyable to watch its grippy sole on our first outing. Negotiating root filled hills, especially during descents were comfortable. We also didn’t slide on muddy slopes and slippery incline.

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Oboz Firebrand II Low BDry

Oboz Firebrand II Low BDry
Oboz Firebrand II Low BDry

We’re proud to announce the Firebrand II Low Dry as the king of under foot support!

Engineered with ergonomics in mind, the foot bed of the Firebrand II low BDRy made traversing paved roads and moderately rough off-road terrain a breeze. Indeed, we were able to get maximum comfort from it, especially around the arches!

Equally impressive is the Firebrand II’s waterproofness. Raindrops bead off its layered upper, leaving your socks dry and your feet feeling refreshed.

For comfort, the Firebrand II low bdry was a real darling. We loved the way it fit our ankles and the fact that it had a tongue.

The shoe was sufficiently breathable, which helped contribute to its generous supplies of comfort.

It protects your feet from the nasties of the great outside by having some serious overlays. For example, it has some serious protection against dents and scratches.

We’re going to give our Juggernaut of a Toe Caps extra props for their awesome design.

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Oboz Tamarack BDry

Oboz Tamarack BDry
Oboz Tamarack BDry

If you’re looking for a good quality backpack, then the Tamarack BDry might be worth considering. However, if you want something that has a lot of features, then you may not be satisfied by it.

  • Prefer a shoe that is crafted for tackling the trail challenges faced by hikers and backpackers.
  • Prefer a shoe that features a watertight leather upper for the foot’s protection against the elements.
  • Prefer a shoe that has a true-to-size fit.

Excellent traction

With its Granite Peaks outsole, the Oboze Tamarack BDry has the ability to stick to a variety of outdoor surface types.

It has four millimeters of traction, which allow users to have a fir­mer footing on loose soil and along steep off-camber sections.

Stable and terrain-protected ride

To provide stability for the wearer, the shoe features a dual density EVA mid sole, which includes a lightweight nylon shank, and a frame made of TPU.

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Oboz Bridger Low BDry

Oboz Bridger Low BDry
Oboz Bridger Low BDry

If you’re hiking in cold weather, then the Oboz Bridger low Dry might be a good choice for you. It is a solid choice if you:

  • Prefer a low-cut shoe designed with support features that can handle rugged terrain.
  • Prefer a shoe that has comfortable cushioning for a comfy ride.

Secure footing on wet and dry surfaces

Slip protection and traction on most types surface are handled by the OboZ Bridger Low’s Granite Peaks out sole. It has a series 4mm deep lugs to provide the user with a secure foothold on both wet and dry surface.

Excellent grip

It has aggressive lug patterns on the sides for better traction on difficult terrains. And the sole extends towards the toes to protect them from stubbing.

Supportive cushioning

The Oboz Bridgers’ low-top shoes feature a Granite Peak dual density EVA midsole which offers supportive cushion. A nylon shank runs through the mid foot area for added stability and rigor.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPRU) is the material used for the chassis of the shoe.

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Oboz Arete Low

Oboz Arete Low
Oboz Arete Low

With its sleek design, the Arete Low is one of Oboz’s lightest hiking boots. It’s also arguably the most modern looking boot in their lineup.

With a weight limit of just 420 grams per shoe, the Aretec Low boosts our mobility on groomed trail and uneven terrains alike. It has a flexible midsole and rocored outsole for helping us gliding effortlessly on flat surfaces, too!

As far as traction goes, the Arete Low performed just as well as the Geko. It had plenty of grip when we tested it on wet rocks and mud.

And while its heel brakes look unassuming, they were able to keep us from careening down the steep hill we had to climb.

It includes the Arete Low‘s all day comforts. Indeed, its plushiness is up there with the shoes’ relaxed aesthetics. Yes, it’s as comfortable for your feet as it is attractive to your eyes!

Now, this ruggedly handsome day hikker would not be so charming without the durability to go with it. Luckily for you, the Oboze Arete Low is no slouch when it comes to protecting your feet.

Its upper isn’t made out of soft leather, but it’s durable enough for rugged conditions. It has an overlay that protects against abrasions.

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Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry

Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry
Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry

If you’re looking for a reliable companion for hiking, then the Sawtooth Low BDries are a good choice. They’re a solid choice if you:

  • Prefer a hiking shoe that offers lightweight cushioning and excellent support.
  • Prefer a hiking shoe that provides traction on all types of terrain.

Size and fit

True-to-fit day hikers, the Oboz Sawtoe Low BDry is designed for both male and female feet. Both versions come in regular (standard) fit, which has a wider footbed, larger toe boxes, and narrower heels.

Also, there’s a wider version for ladies too. It has a simple closure which secures a precise fit, and the foot is cradles by the sculpted mid-foot and form-fitting high back.

Excellent arch support

On top of the midsole is an O Fit insole, which is primarily made of a medium‑​dense EVA. Below the foot is a low‑​dense EVa, while a high‑​dense foam is placed at the arches and on the heels.

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High-top, mid-cut or low?

Hiking shoes usually go up to the calf, but high-tops offer better ankle protection than low-tops. They’re also easier for beginners because they don’t require any special skills to put them on.

High-top hiking shoes offer an added benefit when walking through snow or ice. They keep feet warm by providing extra insulation.

Hiking boots come in different styles, including lightweight low-tops, mid-cuts, and high-cuts. Low-tops are usually made from leather, but they’re not as durable as mid-cuts or high-cuts. Mid-cuts

They’re comfortable, offer good ankle support, and can be lighter than their high-top cousins.

There are pros and cons to each style, so it’s important to figure out which one works best for you. You may want to start by trying on different pairs of boots before deciding which ones feel best.


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