7 Top rated portable camping kitchens

7 Top rated portable camping kitchens

Outdoor kitchen equipement-Best camping kitchen

7 Best Camping Kitchens for an easy and organized outdoor placement

What Is an Outdoor Camping Kitchen?

Camp kitchens today come in a variety of styles, from small portable units to large kitchen trailers. They’re designed to give you a place to cook up a tasty meal in the wilderness.

They’re usually counter height, which makes them easier to use for meal prep. You can buy them in different configurations to organize your kitchen, so you can bring the convenience of an organized kitchen wherever you go.

Things To Consider before Buying  a Camping Kitchen

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a high-end camping kitchen, think about these things first.


A good camp cooking kit should be sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions but light enough to pack into your car and set up quickly once you arrive at your campsite. It should also be able to fold flat so that it takes up less space in your vehicle.

Camping kitchen designs usually consist of metal poles with MDF or plastic tabletops and are built using an easy-to-fold mechanism that makes them compact enough to be easily transported.

Furthermore, most campers’ kitchens include their own carrying bags, which help keep things organized, and the average weight usually ranges from 25 to 35 lbs., which is manageable for one person to transport alone.

Ease of Use

If you have to put in hours building your kitchen before you leave, it may not be an ideal option for using when camping. Most campers’ cooking kits should be easy to set up and take down in just a few moments and require no more than a few seconds to fold up and dismantle once they’re done.

Most tables have folding leg assemblies that can be easily folded up when not in use. They usually have sturdy locking joints that ensure they remain stable even if someone accidentally knocks them over. You may need additional shelves and drawers for storage purposes. Height adjustments should be simple to make without sticking or jarring.

Wind Protection

If you cook outdoors, you may be left at the mercy of the weather. Even a gentle breeze can turn into something completely different if you’re using a real fire.

Camping stoves usually include windscreens which help to protect them from the wind, making sure they’re optimally heated for better efficiency.

These protective barriers are typically made from high quality stainless steel which doesn’t get warped by heat, and helps to keep pollen and dirt away from your foods while cooking.


Camping kitchens offer a dedicated cooking space, plus additional storage space and countertop space for your cookware, dishes, and ingredients.

Some luggage features zippable storage bins or compart­ments lined with strong, waterproof nylons. Many also offer built in side tables for storing your most needed things nearby.

When you start searching for a camping kitchen you should probably search for a camping table too cause it’s one of the most important pieces of camping gear.

After eating a good meal you will certainly need to take a shower to feel fresh again that’s why having a camping shower is a must.

The 7 Best Camping Kitchens

There are lots of good camping kitchens available for purchase, but here are some of the best ones you can get your hands on.

GCI Outdoor 15026 Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor 15026 Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen-Best camping kitchen
GCI Outdoor 15026 Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen-Best camping kitchen

Take the very best features from your kitchen inside and bring them out with this cool folding camp kitchen.

When fully opened, the large main table measures an incredible 20.9 x 52 by 32.3 cm. It folds down to a smaller size of 20.9 x 3.7 by 34.6 cm for easier transport.

Made from powdered-coating steel, this camp kitchen is sturdy and durable, and with an extra low shelf, four folding side tables, and ample storage space for your stove, grills, and cooking utensil, it’s ideal for outdoor entertaining with friends and families.


  • This table is light and portable.


  • The folding mechanism is a little stiff

Buy here the GCI Outdoor 15026 Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen-Best camping kitchen
Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen-Best camping kitchen

Designed by the camping giant at Coleman, this incredible camp kitchen has lots of useful design elements throughout.

With its sturdy steel frame and large cooking space, the tabletop offers 31 x 21 inches of countertop space for preparing meals. And the side tables’ 27.8 x 20-inch size accommodates most Coleman stove and cooler combinations.

With its well thought-through design and easy to use features, this kitchen has plenty of space for everything from pots and pans to spices and ingredients. It also includes a mesh shelving unit for extra storage.

It’s made from high quality materials and components, so it folds up small for easy transport and comes with its own carrying case for quick and easy storage.


  • This table is super easy to set up.


  • The utensil hanger has a limited weight capacity.

Buy here the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table-Best camping kitchen
Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table-Best camping kitchen

With its large cooking surface, this deluxe campfire table is ideal for outdoor barbecues and family outings.

This barbecue station is quick and easy to assemble with a strong metal frame and an aluminum tabletop with two additional shelf units on the sides for laying out all of your food.

With its paper towels and extra hooks, this awesome cooking surface makes it easy to set the perfect camp kitchen for cooking at the campsite, even if you’re not there.

With a quick and simple folding mechanism, this table has its own carrying bag for convenient transportation, and the light weight makes it easy to move from your car to your campsite without having to worry about it weighing you down!


  • This camping table is easy to set up, easy to store, and perfect for alfresco dining.


  • The fiberboard side tables can warp if they get too wet.

Buy here the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Folding Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Folding Camp Kitchen-Best camping kitchen
GCI Outdoor Master Cook Folding Camp Kitchen-Best camping kitchen

With its cleverly designed interior, this well thought out camp stove provides everything you could possibly want for cooking in the great outdoors!

It has a smooth and easy to use folding mechanism, an aluminum counter top, storage rack, fold out table, collapsible sinks, and lantern poles which have all been designed to last for many long-term uses.

The compact foldable table is ideal for carrying around campgrounds, and the lower shelf is a good spot to keep your groceries before preparing them. It’s easy to carry, and its sturdy and spacious construction makes it suitable for large families.


  • This table has plenty of room to hold lots of ingredients and utensils.


  • The collapsible sink is tricky to clean.

Buy here the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Folding Camp Kitchen

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table-Best camping kitchen
Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table-Best camping kitchen

This portable camping cooking table is easy to store, pack up, and take anywhere. It includes a carrying case and strap.

With plenty of storage space, this awesome table has lockers with zippered doors and a work station for your camping grill. It also features two separate work stations on either side.

It has a strong and sturdy 19mm aluminum pipe, which makes it easy to carry around. Also, it has a stainless-stainless-coated windscreen around the grille area to ensure efficient burning. And because it folds up small when not in used, it’s ideal for use on camping and outdoor activities.


  • This camping kitchen unit has lots of useful storage spaces.


  • The nylon locker bags can tear if overfilled.

Buy here the Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table

VBENLEM Tier Kitchen

VBENLEM Tier Kitchen-Best camping kitchen
VBENLEM Tier Kitchen-Best camping kitchen

This camp cooking kit provides a stable and highly mobile space for cooking up a storm while backpacking.

With an X-shape aluminium alloy bracket and non-skid buckled straps, this dining set is extremely sturdy, and the quick action folding mechanism makes it easy to store in its own carrying bag for convenient transport.

With its one large countertop, two small tables, and three zippable storage bags, you can prepare, store, and serve all the food you want. The stainless-­‐metal screens on top of the tables help keep heat from escaping.


  • This kitchen offers a ton of practical storage space.


  • The side tables feel a little flimsy.

Buy here the VBENLEM Tier Kitchen

Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen

Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen-Best camping kitchen
Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen-Best camping kitchen

With its large storage space, this camping kitchen set will allow you to keep everything you need close at hand when cooking outdoors.

With its five enclosed MDF cabinets, two separate MDF counters, and a strong and stable aluminum countertop for your cook top, this camping kitchen is a good option for preparing healthy meals.

With an adjustable window above the stove, you can easily block off the breeze for better heat retention and quicker cooking, and with a rolling drawbridge on the lower cabinets, your ingredients will stay safe while you’re away from home.

It’s easy to fold up and store away when not in use, making it ideal for people who travel often.


  • This camping kitchenette is strong and super sturdy.


  • The MDF can suffer if it gets too wet.

Buy here the Outsunny 6′ Aluminum Portable Fold-Up Camping Kitchen


What should I bring to a camping kitchen?

Apart from the food you’re cooking, some basic camp cooking equipment includes a stove, fuel, grills, skewers, ovenmits, pots and pans, cutlery, foils, cutting boards, and knives. You might also want to think about packing after-meal clean-up supplies, including garbage bags, collapsible sinks, paper towel rolls, and hand sanitizers.

Is it safe to cook while camping?

You’re safe to camp if you take care of the firewood and the equipment used for heating water and preparing meals. Make sure that your hand and surface sanitation is up to par and that meats are cooked properly. A simple digital thermometer can help ensure that the internal temperature of meat is safe to eat.

How do you stock a camping ?

When packing for a trip, be sure to include everything you need for your camping pantry, including snacks, herbal remedies, spices, and dried foods. You may also want to bring some storage containers, Tupperware, and aluminum cooking pans.

How do you store a camping stove?

Before putting away your camping stove, clean it thoroughly. Then store it in a tight sealable container to prevent any dirt or insects from entering the stove or the fuel lines.

 Must I opt for a full camping kitchen?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a separate dining room table and chairs.It depends on your preference and the type of meal you usually prepare.If you prefer convenience and enjoy the idea of having everything together, then you might consider going for a complete cooking system.

You might want to consider looking for a kitchen setup that incorporates your camping stove, while at the same time allowing you to prepare meals with a neat table top. We’ll leave it up to your discretion whether you require a separate water source and storage space.

Do I need additional tools?

Most camp kitchens utilize simple folding tables that don’t need any additional tools or parts. They can easily be folded away when not in use. Some table tops may need to be attached using clamps that are fixed onto the frame but this can be done by hand.

With no extra effort or tools needed, this is definitely an advantage for campers who want to cook at their campsite.


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