5 Best Hunting Pants: A comprehensive review!

5 Best Hunting Pants: A comprehensive review!

Best Hunting Pants

Best Hunting pants you have to know before starting your next hunting journey!

There is a wide range of best hunting pants available today; however, picking out the best of these options may be challenging because there are so many options to consider. In addition, each hunting excursion needs to select the appropriate equipment, which includes but is not limited to weapons, because these items might influence the path of the hunt will take.

We are pleased to announce that you do not need to go through the lengthy and laborious procedure of selecting some of the best hunting pants as this task has already been completed. Now, all you need to do is continue reading to learn about 5 of the best hunting pants available on the market.

The top five best hunting pants of 2022

Best Hunting Pants # 1 – IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants

IDOGEAR, a reputable military and law enforcement equipment maker, is responsible for creating the IDOGEAR G3 combat trousers. In addition, it is manufactured utilizing cotton and polyester in an equal ratio of 50/50.

It has up to 10 compartments of varying sizes and various adjustment options, all of which make it straightforward to use while also significantly increasing carrying capacity. Additionally, it has combat knee pads that can be removed and elbow pads that can be concealed, both of which increase the wearer’s comfort level.

But that is not the end of it. In addition, it boasts a one-of-a-kind low-profile waist adjustment system and a knee pad height adjustment system, all of which contribute to its highly practical and professional appearance. IDOGEAR G3 is one of the best hunting pants in the market!


  • These IDOGEAR G3 pantscome equipped with a YKK zipper, which allows for a more comfortable experience for the wearer.
  • It’s material is waterproof and wear-resistant since it is produced by combining cotton, polyester, and Teflon coating.
  • It is constructed with a four-way elastic fabric, which offers enhanced mobility and comfort.
  • It features velcro straps that can be adjusted, so it may be customized to provide a comfortable fit.
  • Its multiple pocket design and accordion pocket design give a huge amount of storage space for your goods, with the former providing more storage space than the latter.


  • The knee pads have a fragile appearance.


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IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants
IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants

Best Hunting Pants # 2 – Mossy Oak Camo Sherpa 2.0

A hunting pants with an athletic cut and stretch capabilities, the Mossy Oak Camo Sherpa 2.0 is available at a reasonable price. It is printed with a camouflage pattern. These enhance the wearer’s comfort without adding unnecessary weight to the garment.

It is interesting to note that it may be combined with a foundation layering system, the thickness of which can range from light to heavy, to allow all-season usage even in the coldest weather condition.

In addition, to provide even more ventilation, it has zippers that go all the way down to the knees on both legs and two zipper openings on the inner thighs.

This hunting pant includes a number of stretch capabilities and a waist partially elasticized waist for increased comfort. In addition, it features articulated stitched knees, which make squatting and kneeling easier.

Last but not least, its outer shell is made of a micro-fleece fabric that is comfortable and resistant to mild precipitation like rain and snow. In addition, the interior is constructed using sherpa fleece, which is superior in maintaining warmth in chilly conditions.


  • The Mossy Oak Camo Sherpa 2.0 is one of the best hunting pants that either guys or girls can wear. It comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It is made from a fabric that stretches in both directions, which not only helps your movement but also makes you feel more at ease.
  • It features a cargo design with six pockets, which gives additional room for storing hunting gear.
  • It comprises spandex, polyester, and cotton, all of which work together to make it supple, lightweight, and long-lasting.
  • Additionally, it includes articulated stitched knees and a crotch gusset, which guarantees that it has a fit that does not restrict movement when you kneel, sit, squat, or climb.


  • The waist is still slightly too tight, even though it has a partly elastic waistband.


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Mossy Oak Camo Sherpa 2.0 pants
Mossy Oak Camo Sherpa 2.0 pants

Best Hunting Pants # 3 – Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite

The Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite Pant is an insect and mosquito repellent pant that is excellent for game hunting. Gamehide makes these pants.

Because the tick repellent on this gear is so strong, ticks get paralyzed by its presence. They will do anything to avoid coming into contact with it. It is effective against insects, including ticks, chiggers, flies, midges, and mosquitoes.

But that is not the end of it:

Elimitick employs a technique known as insect shield, which integrates the active ingredient (the repellent) directly into the fabric of the garment. The repellant will not remain on your body when you wear the pants because of this design feature.


Because of the strong link between this component and the threads of the fabric, it is there for the entirety of the garment’s existence.

You will not have to worry about a big game detecting your scent while wearing it because it has no scent at all. It will allow you to take them down without being detected.


  • The Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite has insect shield technology, which drives insects such as flies, ticks, and mosquitoes away.
  • It contains a stretchy region that ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
  • It has a design that does not emit any odor and successfully hides your event.
  • It features many pockets, each of which offers you additional room to put your equipment.
  • Additionally, it possesses characteristics that guarantee a high level of breathability, a quick drying time, and excellent comfort.


  • It does not have a particularly long lifespan


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Best hunting pants Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite Field Pant
Gamehide Elimitick Ultra-lite Field Pant

Best Hunting Pants # 4 – SITKA Gear Mountain Performance

The Sitka Gear Men’s Hunting Trousers are particularly developed to enable ease of movement when hunting in harsh alpine environments. These pants are made of stretch-woven polyester and can stretch in four directions.

It is entirely windproof thanks to the gore-tex Infinium with Windstopper fabric that it is constructed with. Additionally, this protection is provided to you as a result of the action of a membrane that is not only long-lasting but also lightweight, water-resistant, breathable, and capable of preventing the effects of wind on your body.

In addition, it uses conventional mimicry patterns, also known as gore optifade concealment, which are intended to give the impression that they represent a particular kind of flora or landscape. This camouflage method is the only concealing pattern scientifically verified to allow a hunter to fade into their surroundings optically. It was developed for hunters.

In addition to this,

The men’s hunting pant from Sitka Gear has a waterproof treatment that allows them to withstand mild precipitation and protects the fabric from deterioration caused by the action of water.


  • The SITKA Gear Men’s Hunting Trousers material is designed with an articulated fit, which prevents the pants from bunching up and causing chafing.
  • Additionally, it has knee pads that can be removed, which enhance its protective capabilities by enabling hunters to crawl or climb across difficult terrain.
  • Its leg section is tapered, which decreases noise and friction, boosting its movement and ability to remain stealthy.
  • It is windproof and waterproof


  • There is not much room in the pockets.
  • The temperature is not warm enough; it is chilly outside.
  • It may also take some time to get acclimated to the knee pad.


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SITKA Gear Mountain Pant
SITKA Gear Mountain Pant

Best Hunting Pants # 5 – ScentLok Full Season Taktix

The ScentLok Full Season Taktix hunting components are a component of a gear system that integrates advanced technology that is loaded with features and ready for use. You will be able to remain unnoticed when hunting because of its built-in carbon alloy technology, which has optimum odor absorption and helps you blend into the environment. Because of this, animals will not be able to see or detect your scent, giving you more time to take your shot.

Additionally, it has a wicking technology that offers a cool and dry wear experience at all times. It also comes with many pockets, making it much simpler for you to carry all of your hunting equipment.

Last but not least, it is quite simple to clean.


  • The ScentLok Season Pass in its Entirety The wicking technology integrated into Taktix hunting gear keeps you dry and maintains a comfortable temperature.
  • It employs a technique based on carbon alloy that enables the greatest possible odor absorption
  • It contains a variety of pockets, which simplify the process of transporting your equipment.
  • It has an extremely hydrophobic layer; thus, it resists liquids such as water, dirt, blood, and other things along those lines.


  • It is not appropriate for usage in harsh environmental conditions.
  • It has insufficient ventilation, making it unpleasant to be there when humid weather.


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ScentLok Full Season Taktix pants
ScentLok Full Season Taktix pants


Hunting is a wonderful outdoor activity and allows you to escape from your daily life and relax by being in contact with nature. There is many magnificent US states to hunt in for a better experience.

The gears are essential for a better hunting session, like boots, pants and so on. As you have seen, we have compiled a list of the best hunting pants available today. We hope that our reviews and recommendations help you make the right choice.

Have a nice hunting session and stay safe!


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