5 Best Archery Books That are Highly Recommended!

5 Best Archery Books That are Highly Recommended!

Best Archery Books

Are you looking for the best Archery Book to read? Your are in the right place!

Are you aware that archery sport encompasses more than just firing arrows at targets? The history of archery is rich and extensive, and a lot of thinking and effort goes into refining your shots, stance, and style. Archery has a long and colorful past.

While brushing up on your archery abilities and history, nothing can beat a good old-fashioned book. Even if there are a lot of instructions accessible online, as well as many tutorials and blogs about archery, no one can top that conventional book.

You may have mastered the physical aspects of archery and fulfilled your goals in that area, but numerous archery books may help you get your mind in the correct place for the sport. There are a lot of archery books out there, and they cover everything from the sport’s history to various facts, strategies, and advice, and some of them even contain some fictional stories.

The following provides our reviews of five of the greatest archery books currently available, as well as a buying guide that will assist you in selecting the best archery books for yourself.

The Five Best Archery Books You Should Read

Best Archery Book #1

Archery by USA Archery

The United States Archery Association (USAA), the leading regulating organization for the sport of archery in the United States, is the author of this book. The United States Archery Association (USAA) is also a member of World Archery, the international governing organization for archery that the International Olympic Committee acknowledges. This is not your typical book because multiple authors wrote it; that is why it stands out among other books of its kind. Some of the best archery coaches in the world collaborated on the writing of this book. It is undoubtedly packed with useful information that will help you improve your archery skills.

Best archery book 1

It is undoubtedly one of the best archery books that will serve as a guide for you, so read it. Reading it will help you improve your precision abilities, develop consistency, and succeed more consistently in your competitive endeavors. You will become an expert in the skills and methods taught at the United States Olympic Training Center. This book was written by the legendary teacher KiSic Lee and contained a lot of useful advice and techniques.

Best Archery Book #2

Traditional Bowyer’s Handbook: How to Build Wooden Bows and Arrows

This book focuses less on archery as a game in and of itself and more on the actual bows and arrows used in archery. As you can see, the title gives away this information. This fantastic book will delve into the realm of natural bow making, bringing together Clay Hayes’s three decades’ worth of first-hand knowledge and experience as an ardent bowman. This book was created and put together with you in mind, whether you are considering making your bow, modifying an existing bow, or simply interested in bows design.

Best Archery book 1

Clay Hayes authored an excellent book in which he addressed a wide variety of woods and provided instructions on how each type of wood may be fashioned into a bow that is both sturdy and quick. This book is simple to comprehend. Even if you have never picked up a bow in your life and are completely new to the sport of archery, this book provides enough information for you to construct your very own bow from the ground up.

Because each section has its clear heading, you may quickly locate the part of the book where the information you need to reference is simply by flipping to that part of the book.

Best Archery Book #3

Beginner’s Guide to Traditional Archery

This book, published by Brian J. Sorrells, is a guidebook for beginners, as we can deduce from the name of the book itself; yet, even seasoned experts might pick up some useful information from reading this book. This book was written by Brian Sorrels, a passionate hunter and outdoorsman. Before beginning his career in law enforcement, he served for a total of four years in the United States armed forces. Since he was more than twenty years old, he has used the longbow for shooting and hunting. Because he contributes to the masthead of Traditional Bowhunter magazine and writing often for a wide variety of other archery and hunting magazines, it is obvious that he has a great deal of expertise in the subject matter.

Best Archery book 3

This edition of the instruction guide book is written in a way that is simple to comprehend and is geared for persons who like traditional forms of archery. It includes sections on target shooting as well as bowhunting. The author of this incredible book has included a particular training program for shooting that is tiered and provides instructions. These instructions allow you to choose how to pick bows, arrows, and other archery equipment.

This should be the first book you read if you are starting in the sport of archery since it will introduce you to the world of archery and everything it entails. This book is the greatest resource for learning many fundamentals, including how to choose arrow shafts, improve your technique, and participate in your first competition. All of these topics and more are well covered in the book. If you are new to the archery sport and have never in your entire life fired even a single arrow before, or if you are already an archer, you need to get the most out of this amazing instructional book to get most out of your archery experience.

Best Archery Book #4

Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performance

If you are genuinely extremely serious about improving your archery abilities and methods, this book is the right choice to use as your reading material. Ray Axford, widely recognized as the preeminent authority in the sport of archery, is mainly responsible for the compilation and writing of this excellent book. The author, Ray Axford, debunks many beliefs about archery, and this book offers you all the required information to know about archery based on science and current technology.

Best Archery book 4
Best Archery book 4

This concise book, which is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, will be of value to you regardless of where on earth you now find yourself. We are all aware that the majority of books on archery are concentrated on archery in the United States; nevertheless, this book has been written with archers from all over the world in mind. This book is easy to read, even for individuals who have never had a bow in their hands before, since it is clear, highly accurate, and has efficient illustrations and diagrams that describe everything in depth. The divisions are simple to master, and it is simple to locate them whenever you want their utilization. It is among the few publications that cover the anatomy of the human body in addition to the anatomy of the bow, including all of the fundamental facts and connections to the interaction between the two.

Best Archery Book #5

Archery: Steps to Success 

This book was written by not just one but two different people: Kathleen M. Haywood and Catherine Lewis contributed to its creation. Ms. Haywood is a former competitor who has given training in the sport at several institutions. In addition, she has a background in motor learning and development, which she has also utilised in this book for your convenience. Ms. Haywood is a former competitor who has instructed the sport.

Ms. Lewis is not only an accomplished archer but also a former competitor who has taught the sport in both a classroom and a camp environment.

You will discover the following in this book:

  • Choosing, adjusting, fine-tuning, and upgrading the various pieces of equipment.
  • Analyzing, improving, and eventually mastering one’s shooting form.
  • Adjusting for the typical climatic circumstances that occur
  • Exercises both technically oriented and mentally challenging to improve accuracy
  • Competition specific planning, training, and practice in advance of the event
Best Archery book 5
Best Archery book 5

You will be able to master several bowhunting methods in this book, including how to judge distance, shoot accurately regardless of the surface you are on and even hunt in rough terrain. This book will assist you in shooting properly, consistently, and securely because of the skills, tactics, and strategies. This book offers advice on traditional archery for those readers who want to rely on traditional tools and techniques rather than contemporary technology.

This book has 93 different workouts that will assist you in becoming a better player and consistently hitting your target. You will also discover a scoring system that assists you in keeping tabs on your progress inside the pages of this book. You are free to study at your speed and take as much or as little time as you need to perfect your shooting methods and shot patterns.


There are many archery books in the market, but we highly recommend you the 5 books above because it include:

  • How to properly pick and adjust the various pieces of equipment.
  • How to improve on an existing shot sequence that has been successful
  • Instructions on how to compose the photo
  • Instructions on how to take the shot
  • Instructions on how to finish the photo
  • Ways to receive the best out of your time spent practicing
  • Instructions on how to prepare your body and mind for athletic competition
  • Tips and tricks for developing a winning tournament strategy
  • You should read this book if you feel you might need help in any of those areas

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