Austin archery: Everything you need to know before you go!

Austin archery: Everything you need to know before you go!

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Austin archery club

The Austin Archery Club is a nonprofit corporation, created by the filing of Articles of Incorporation in the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas on July 9th, 1982. The Austin Archery Club is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Besides these articles, the Austin Archery Society has by laws that may be changed at any time to best serve the society and its members.

There are some day-to-day rules and prohibitions for using the facilities at The Austin Archery Club. A list of these rules and prohibitions will be added to this section in the near future.

Additionally, The Austin Archery Club has adopted a formal Safety Policy with specific rules related to safety issues. In the future critical safety rules from this document will be added to homepage of this website.

Finally, The Austin Archers Club has adopted a formal social media policy to guide its management and members’ use of social media.

The Austin Archery Club is located inside Emma Long Park in Austin, Texas at approximately 4095 City Park Road.

Access to the club is restricted during daylight hours only. At nightfall and before dawn, the park closes down. The city owns the land where they play disc golf and they enforce the no overnight camping policy. They’re not allowed to camp out because it interferes with their ability to maintain the course.

the Austin Archery Club holds a 3D shoot, typically on Saturday or Sunday.

Austin.archery-Best of Austin archery
Austin.archery-Best of Austin archery

It’s an excellent place to meet people and take a course that is only offered once a month.

The Austin Archery Club hosts a variety of organizations and events, including:
3D Shoot, open to the public, typically the 2nd weekend of the month

  • Youth groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Renaissance events
  • Police and Fire Department archery events

About Archery Country

Austin archery shop-Best of Austin archery
Austin archery shop-Best of Austin archery

At Archers Country, they take pride in our customer services. Whether you’re brand new to archery, or an elite archery shooter, they’ll treat you just the same! Their pro-staff is available to help you get the most out of your practice time.

They’re stocked with everything you need, from the best brands like: Easton, Gold Tip, Axcel, Garmin, CBE, Scott, Spot Hogg, Fuse, Mathews, Hoyt, HHA, QAD, Hamskea, Trophy Ridge, Bowfinger, Stan, Carter, TruBall, Bee Stinger, Tight Spot, Bateman, Yeti & Traeger


They offer everything you might ever want to know about archery equipment. If you’re looking for something specific, let them know.

They’re happy to help out even if you didn’t buy it from them.


Please send inquiries regarding special events, products, or decisions, to Tyler.

If you have any further questions, please contact them.

Location and hours

8121 Research Blvd.
Austin, Tx

(512) 452-1222

They’re updating their private class/lesson scheduler. Please call Matt: 512-484-5511 to schedule a class or lesson in the meantime.

Beginner kids class

Austin archery indoor-Best of Austin archery
Austin archery indoor-Best of Austin archery


$20 per kid (Minimum age is 8 years old). They provide all equipment needed. Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins.

If you want to take part in this Saturday’ s beginner class, please contact them by phone or e-mail. They will confirm your participation once they receive your request.

Intermediate kids class

(Participation in the Intermediate class is limited to instructor approval. Students must first demonstrate safety, disciple and etiquette; then pass a test of skill.)

Private lessons or parties

Private lessons are also available for kids and adults. Lessons start at $60/hr and tier down for more people or more time. Regular times are Tues/Wed 7:15pm, Thurs/Fri 6:15 & 8:15pm, Sat 5:15 & 7:15pm and various Sunday times. Please call 512-484-5511 at Archery Country to set up an appointment.

Cash Preferred for all archery instruction

If you want to cancel a booking, please contact them by phone at 512-484-5511. They ask that parents who book reservations and then don’t show up for class without first cancelling their reservations may not be able to book another spot in the future.


If you’re planning a birthday party or team building event, consider having one at Archery Country. You can learn archery together as a group and enjoy some friendly competition. They offer tiered pricing for private events of six or more people.

Call Matt: 512-484-5511 or a member of the Archery Country team to discuss schedule availability.

Best of Austin archery products


The new NOCK ON EVO NTN 33 is the latest evolution of the popular EVO bow line from NOCK ON Archery. It features several innovations including the D.T which allows for faster draw speeds.

With the help of their expert engineers, they’ve designed an innovative new riser system that eliminates any chance of failure. It features a wider base plate for better stability and a deeper arrow slot for improved arrow placement.

The custom designed Direct Drive Rest Cord Connector creates the most consistent, quick-drop position for cable activated drop-away rests. The EVO® NTN also features an Integrated Riser Ready Quickstand System (sold separately).

This innovative shooting rest allows hunters to set up their bows in a shoot ready position without having to hold them up. It’s easy to remove and store away when not needed. And it can be attached to any bow.

The EVO NTN’s limbs are finished in Gore Optifade Subalpine camouflage by Sitka, which pairs perfectly with the new matte green risers and everything is brought together by Nocona green string and cable options.


The all-new 2020 EVO EVL is designed with their widest limb stance yet, along with their industry leading Evolve Cam that now includes their patent-pended Precision Buss Tuning system. With the ability to be customized to your exact needs, the 2021 EVO is the best choice for hunters who demand the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Its innovative design allows for unparalleled accuracy at up to 345 fps. And with their patent-pended QAD Integrate rest and PSE Quick DisConnect barrel mounts, the 2021 EVO can be easily connected to any number of popular aftermarket products.


At a mere 3 pounds with a 30″ wheelbase and a 5.5″ brace height, the Prada is compact and delivers women truly unmatched performance. Its Crosscentric cammed produce a smooth pull and consistent accuracy while providing massive down range power, producing speeds up to 321′ per second at a 27″ pull (calculated velocity at 30″ pull is 346 fps).

Their newly patented Centerguard cable management system optimizes camber timing while creating additional vang clearance. The 3D damping utilizes the all-new Nano740 to reduce post shot vibration & noise. The Prada also features the Engage grip interface which was designed to insure consistent grip regardless of grip size.


The 2021 PSE Drive NXT takes the highest-performing value hunting bow in archery to the next level. When you eye up your shot and are ready to fill that tag, you need a bow that delivers pro performance, no matter the cost. Thanks to the Drive NXT’s all-new machined aluminium riser design and ZF Quad-Track Cam System, this bow gives you upgraded stability and tunability far beyond that of previous Drive bows.

The Drive NXT has a 33″ axle-to-axle with a wide variety of draw lengths, and offers top-of-the-line features, including PSE’s swappable comfort grip system, a lower stabilizer mounting bracket for more accuracy, and quick-release sling mounts.


Built with long-draw archery in minds, the Atlas boasts draw length up to 34″ and features a forgiving 7 1/2″ brace heights. It’s powered by their innovative Crosscentric Cam technology, producing speed up to 350fps while the patented Switchweight modules offers maximum versatility, allowing you customize your draw weight in 5 lb increments. Available in 60-75 lbs, each set of mods is programmed for an incredibly smooth draw, with 80% or 85% lets off for further customizability.

Their new patent-pending Centerguard cable containment systems optimize cam timing while creating additional vanes clearance. The Engage grip interface was designed to ensure consistency hand placement, reducing torqu and increasing accuracy regardless of handsize. 3D damping utilize the EHS+ dammer to reduce vibration after shots giving long-draw archer the ultimate shooting experience.

Here are 4 local places to practice archery around Austin

Archery Training Center

Located in South Austin, Archery Trainer Center is dedicated to provid an inspirational place where people learn to shoot arrows. They offer a variety of classes in both recreational and competitive shooting.

Archery Training Center has two ranges, one indoors and one outdoors. The inside range can accommodate groups of ten beginner archers. Once these archers progress to shooting out side, they are taught to hit targets up to seventy metres away. The centre also provides private lessons, group lessons and corporate events.

If you’re able to maintain an average month­ly target that’s equal to USA Archery’s JOAD or Adult Bronze Olympic Award Level, then you can go ahead and practice shooting there for free.

Pioneer Farms

Take a step back in the past at Pioneer Farms. This historical park and museum is set on 90 acre grounds near Walnut Creek. It features a variety of sites including an 1841 Tonkawas Indian camp, an 1853 Walnut Creek Greenbelt, an 1868 Emigrant Cabin, and more.

Pioneer Farms also offers various workshops and seminars that teach useful and fun skill sets like archery, blackmithing, sheath making, Dutch Oven Cookery, and much more.

The archery class is held at the range on the bank of Walnut Creek. Archery enthusiasts can either buy their own equipment or rent it. The class size is quite small, accommodating only eight participants at a given moment. Class times are scheduled on the second and fourth Saturdays of every calendar quarter.

Double G Archery

If you’re living in Austin, Texas, you don’t have to go too far to find an archery range where you can practice shooting your bow. Double G Archery offers everything from purchasing equipment to lessons for beginners.

Also, they offer a well-lit indoor shooting area that accommodated up to eight shooters at one. You can shoot targets as far as 20 to 30 feet away, and pay for your own target practice or take advantage of the lessons offered by the USA Archery level two instructors. Lessons are cash-only.

Double G Archery offers several leagues you can join for an additional dose of fun. League night times are from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Tuesdays – Ladies Night
  • Wednesdays – Open League
  • Thursdays – Traditional League

Archery Battles

If you’re looking to take your archery lessons and turn them into an actual game, then there’s a fun place in Austin called Archer Games where you can book groups for archery battle and archery tag. You’ll get a cross-bows with plastic tipped arrow to shoot at opponents, pretty similar to a game of Dodge ball.

There are three different types of archery battle packs available: Stealth-Shots, Curve Shots, and Super Shots. You can contact the company to create a customized pack that includes more players.

Have you been to any of the local shooting ranges in the Austin area lately? let us know in the comments below

Customers reviews of Austin archery

This is a great place to come for archery. I haven’t been here in a couple of months but, it was really fun hanging out with family and doing archery.

I love going to their monthly 3D shoots. The course is challenging, and changes monthly. It’s a great place to hone your archery skills.

Non profit organization with pretty much all week service! It’s a cool little club, great for hangout and bringing your friends! They have a good amount of targets from different distances. Also, very open space, and backboard to stop your arrows from flying into the brush! Really cool!

I love this place. It is in the middle of the woods, the people are cool, it is easy to social distance, it is a great nature hike, and the targets are mostly in excellent condition. There is so much to explore, there are animals that you can see on the trails, and there is never not something to see or do. This place has kept me sane through the quarrntine. It is an excellent place to practice long range, and an excellent place to practice like you would hunt. Staff is very respectful. The 3D competition is well maintained. There is so much room for everyone to enjoy. The trails are scenic and the hike is so worth it.

You can learn new things about this sport just by reading archery books.

Have fun and stay safe 🙂


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