14 Best Camping Games for Adults, Kids, and Teens!

14 Best Camping Games for Adults, Kids, and Teens!


Are you looking for your next camping games? Check out our list!

A vacation spent camping with family or friends is a memorable and enjoyable experience for everybody involved. However, if your family is like most others, whether your children are little or in their teenage years, you should prepare to hear the dreaded phrase “I am bored” at some point during the journey.

Ahead of this, we have gathered a list of camping games that will end your state of mindless boredom, and who knows? Maybe even the grownups will have fun with some of these!

We wanted to make sure that these entertaining camping games are not limited to children who are either physically active or interested in the natural world. Consequently, we compiled a list of ideas that would appeal to every child and any adolescent or adult. This selection of family camping games is designed to accommodate everyone!


Best Camping Games

Scavenger Hunt

This outdoor game is one of the best camping games and may easily be adapted for players of any age. Because you are camping, it makes sense to concentrate on gathering things from nature, such as leaves and sticks, and more difficult-to-find goods, such as certain insects or flowers.

We recommend forming groups of two, such as an older sibling working with a younger sibling, an adult working with a younger child, or older children working with younger children. You may play this fun family camping game while at the campground (you can switch up what they have to discover) or while hiking in mountain region.


You may do some research on a walk-in in advance, such as the Cape Byron walking track that runs around the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse. This will be a good option if you are preparing ahead. If, on the other hand, you are searching for a more general hunt, then you should try out this one that contains images for the children who are accompanying you and who are not yet able to read. You might have everyone gather stuff, check them off a list, or even go a bit more technological and snap photographs of the items using their smartphones.

Check this link if you want to buy a Scavenger hunt.

The Game of the Alphabet

One of the best camping games for kids!

This particular iteration of the alphabet game is a lot of fun to play with smaller children while you are on a camping trip with your family. This is a fun outdoor activity for children that can be played anywhere, including at the campground, on a hike, or while strolling around the town center of Byron Bay to shop.

The youngsters merely have to look around for things or signs that begin with each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z, and either write them down or print them out to their classmates. Whoever gets to Z first is the winner.

Camping at the Olympics

These camping games will surely provide laughs and good times for the entire family. Build a variety of activities, such as relay races, swimming contests, riddles, and a contest to see who can discover the stick that is the longest.

The wonderful thing about these Olympics is that the contests may be tailored to the age range and physical prowess of the participants in your group. Camping games for adults may be just as fun if they are modeled after the Olympics; switch up the challenges, and have a great time!

Remember that if you are staying at the Broken Head Holiday Park, there is a beach and a park nearby that can host the “Olympics” or at the very least be a part of the festivities. It is something you must keep in mind if you are going to be there.

The Art of Narration

When planning your next family camping vacation, it is a good idea to keep in mind some ideas for camping games that can be played by campers of any age and do not require any preparation. This may be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children, teens, parents, and grandparents.

When you are hanging around in the evening, advise that everyone tell a story; the tale can be frightening, humorous, genuine, or made up; whatever works is OK. It will be a lot of fun to hear what ideas your children come up with, and the children will like it very much when their parents regale them with a story.

Suppose your family enjoys a little healthy competition. In that case, you can always include voting for a favorite and even continue the competition over your whole stay to see who can rack up the most victories.

Whether You Catch It or Not

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to pry away from their electronic gadgets, yet games like these might still be enjoyable for this age group. To participate in this game, you only need a ball.

Everyone stands in a circle, but one player is in the center with the ball. The other players surround this individual. The player in the center of the circle takes turns going around the circle and throwing the ball while yelling “catch” or “do not catch.” Like the popular children’s game, Simon Says, a participant is eliminated from the competition if they catch the ball while instructed not to or vice versa.

Ring Toss With a Glow-in-the-Dark Ring

Everyone of any age might have fun with this modified version of ring throw. As soon as the sun goes down, you may begin setting up your game as long as you have glow-in-the-dark rings and sticks, which are available for a low price at most discount retailers. It will be very exciting and interesting to see who comes out at the top!

Camping Charades

This is one of the best  camping games and it would be fantastic for families aged five and older, but it is highly unlikely that it will be successful for families with younger children.

Charades is a simple game that can be played in the evening after dinner or during some spare time. All that is required to play in a bowl or even a cup, where the slips of paper with the instructions for what each participant has to act out are placed.


The Ark of Noah (or one of its many variants…)

This is a memory game that both children and adults may play. You may play this game while camping in a few different ways.

The game Noah’s Ark requires players to name creatures on the ark in the sequence that they appear in the alphabet. As an illustration, you may say, “I am going on Noah’s Ark, and I am bringing two aardvarks.” The person who comes after the first person brings what was said by the first person and adds to it by utilizing the following letter. And this goes on.

There is also the alternative phrase, “I am going on a trip, and I am taking X.” Once more, everything you are taking should be arranged in alphabetical order. Suppose a player cannot remember the sequence in which the things were presented. In that case, that player is eliminated from the game, and play continues until only the winner remains.

Obstacle Course

This is without a doubt one of the most well-liked of the camping games that we offer for children. Because it is exciting, it is different, and it uses up kids energy, this makes both their parents and their children happy. This specific game’s rules can be adjusted to accommodate anything you bring along, but in the meanwhile, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Make your way across the picnic table on all fours.
  • Do ten jumping jacks
  • You must sprint to the third campground and return, avoiding running past the other two at all costs!
  • Balance yourself on one foot
  • Hop over the empty cups here.
  • And so forth…

Camping Bingo

It is one the ideal camping games suitable for players of varying ages. Download and print out enough cards to accommodate everyone who will be attending. After than, write each thing on a separate slip of paper and place it in a bowl. Grab any cash or other goods to cover for the things pointed out on the card you have. And now you are all set to begin playing!

A sidebar for adults: If you have adults on this vacation or after the children have gone to bed, you could want to whip out Cards Against Humanity rather than play Bingo. (You will notice that we advise avoiding playing traditional board games unless you are in an enclosed camper, but since this game involves cards, it is much simpler to play on a picnic table or in a circle at your campground.) While participating in this game intended for adults, you should be prepared to hear a lot of jokes and laughter that are inappropriate. Just try to contain your laughter so as not to be too loud and wake the youngsters asleep!

Murder in the Dark

This game that anyone of any age, including adults and teens, may have fun with while camping. The process goes as follows:

  • Fill a bowl or a cup with as many scraps of paper as there are individuals, and make sure that one of the pieces of paper has a star or the letter D written on it, another piece of paper has a black dot or the letter M written on it. The remaining pieces of paper are blank.
  • The person who selects the letter D or the star will be the detective, while the one who picks the letter M or the dot will be the person who committed the murder.
  • The remaining members of the group might end up being victims. When the detective is seeking the murderer, the killer will wink at others in an attempt to “kill” them, but the detective will not be able to tell who was winking at whom.
  • Once the “victim” has been winked at, the “death” may be broadcast for everyone to see.
  • The game is over when either the murderer murders everyone in the room except the detective or the detective discovers who the killer is.

Please pass me the water

One of the best Camping games!

When it comes to playing any of the camping games that we have included here, most of them do not really have a season that they should be played in, but this specific game would work best on a day that is quite warm.

Try playing a game called “Pass the Water” with your children if you are seeking outdoor activities for children during the hot summer months that could help them cool off. The operation is as follows:

  • All required for each player to participate in the game is a cup (ideally one that can be recycled).
  • The first person starts by filling up the first cup all the way to the brim, and then that person pours the water out over their head into the cup of the next person in line.
  • You proceed down the line while concentrating on preserving as much water as you can.
  • If there is still water, the first person in line can go to the end of the line and begin again.

The Dance-Off

Looking for some easy-to-play camping games that individual of any age may enjoy? Put this one to the test. You only need a phone that can play music or any other device that can play music to do this.

You can play this particular game in different ways, such as a contest in which each person dances and everyone votes on which one is the best or silliest, a variation on the game freeze in which people need to stop dancing when the music stops, or just an all-out dance party to get the wiggles out.

Cloud watching

Our final recommendation is for the camping activity that is the most relaxed and laid-back of the bunch. It might be ideal for younger campers and older campers or adolescents wishing to unwind after a hectic morning of taking in the sights of Byron Bay.

Place a blanket in a partially shaded area (so you will not have to squint as much!) but from which you can still see the sky above you. Then you can play the alphabet game, in which you hunt for shapes in the clouds that begin with each letter of the alphabet; you may play “I Spy” with the clouds, or you can speak about what you see.


We recommend skipping board games. Several locations suggest bringing games with you and having a game night with your family. However, if you do not have anything on top of it, we believe that it is simply too simple to lose pieces or have portions fly away. Card games are the best option if you wish to carry some games with you. If, on the other hand, you will be staying in campers rather than tents, then board games could be a good choice for when you are playing games indoors.


Camping games are fun because they allow you to spend time outdoors with your friends and family. They also provide a great opportunity to bond with others who share similar interests. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to find new ways to make the most of your camping trips!


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