Top 10 Best products of pat’s archery

Top 10 Best products of pat’s archery

archery-Best of pats archery

Let’s learn more about Pat’s Archery in this detailed review

Well, if you are reading this article is because you’re looking for the best pat’s Archery products. But let us first learn some essential informations.

Patrick Coghlan was born in Adelaide, South Australia, where he spent his early childhood. His parents were not keen on his interest in archers, so they forbade him to practice shooting. However, he managed to sneak out of the house one day and went to the local club, where he found an experienced bowman who taught him how to shoot properly. Soon after, he won the Tyro tournament, and became interested in Olympic archering. Later, he met Ros Johns, who had just won the gold medal in the women’s individual event at the Sydney Olympics. She helped him improve his technique, and eventually he became an international champion.

While he was young, Patrick played various sports including Australian rules football, state rugby, athletics, indoor cricket, outdoor cricket, tennis, surf lifesaving, rowing, triathlon, taekwondo, weight training etc.

Unfortunately for Archery, but fortunately for Patrick, in 1999, he fell during an Army Reserves training exercise and broke his back. He had to give up most of his hobbies and spend some time finding the right one for his new lifestyle. After playing with table top ping pong, model painting, slot cars and pistols, he found that he didn’t feel like he could live without a real challenge.

In late 2003, Pat took out his old hunting rifle and went to the local shooting range. He quickly beat everyone else there, including the owner of the place. Within a year, he had taken down the state championship and within two he had become the national target champion. Two short months later, he represented Australia and became part of the team that took silver in Madrid 2005.

Pat has broken every record at every event he’s entered so far. He also holds several national records.

His greatest achievement was winning in World Cup four for France in 2008 and also netting 1404 goals in the Canberra Australia Day Football Tournament.

Patrick is married to Rachel and together they have a son, Scout. To know More about archery history i invite you to read more archery books you wil absolutely enjoy discovering new informations about this sport.

Pats Archery supplies and specializes in compound bows, recurve bows, archery targets, target faces, archery equipment, archery supplies, service and technique both wholesale and retail; Pats Archery supplies Archery Australia and archers with the latest in archery supplies and technology.

Best of Pat’s archery Products

Beiter Armguard

Beiter Armguard-Best of pats archery
Beiter Armguard-Best of pats archery

The Beiter Arm Guard perfectly fits the needs of all archers since its introduction, protecting their arms from injury caused by the bow strings. It is possible to add more Beiter Arm Guards together to create a larger surface for protection.

Each arm guard comes with 2 elastic straps and 2 fasteners, which hold the arm guard in place. You can adjust the tension by simply pressing down on the fastener with just two fingers. There are 13 different colors for the body and nocks available, so you can match them to your country’s colors. All parts are sold separately, so you can mix and match them to create your own custom set.

Bohning Slip on Armguard-Pats archery

• Durable, yet soft and flexible
• Easy on and off; protects the entire forearm
• Compression fit material


Small – 8″ long, large end circumference 9″ while stretched
Medium – 9″ long, large end circumference 11″ while stretched
Large – 9″ long, large end circumference 13″ while stretched

Elite Archery Compound Bow Basin RTS Hunting IN STOCK-Pats archery

Elite Archery Compound Bow Basin RTS Hunting-Best of pats archery
Elite Archery Compound Bow Basin RTS Hunting-Best of pats archery

The Basin is designed to set new standards for bows at the $500 range. It reaches 70 pounds of draw strength, which is equivalent to bows costing twice as much. Unlike its predecessors, the Ember and the Basalt, the Basin doesn’t skimp on materials or manufacturing quality. It comes with Elite’s lifetime warranty and Hunt guarantee.

The Basin RTS (Ready To Shoot) package delivers shootability quality at a budget that defies the standard. With high-quality accessories that are sure to perform year after year.

  • 32.375″AXLE TO AXLE
  • 6.6875″BRACE HEIGHT
  • 3.9WEIGHT (LBS)
  • 16-30″DRAW LENGTH
  • 20-70PEAK WEIGHT (LBS)
  • UP TO 80%LET-OFF

Elite Archery Compound Bow Ember IN STOCK-Pats archery

Everyone knows that an elite arrow is the worlds most shootable arrow. The ember brings that shootability to arrows of all sizes and age. An aluminum caged risers, limbs, cam, and mod. Cam bearings instead of bushing. High quality winner choice string. Limbs dampeners include. Elite’s integrated limbs stop delivers a solid back wall that others arrows simply cant.

The Elite Ember RSTS (Ready To Shoot) Package is an excellent entry-leveldesign for archers of all age. It has completely adjustable from 10 pounds to60 pounds and 15 inchsto 29 inchshas made it a greatbow for everyone.

RTS (Ready To Shoot) Package Includes:

  • Arrow Mane full capture rest from CBE
  • Tactic 3-pin adjustable sight from CBE
  • Affect compact carbon stabilizer from CBE
  • Tactic 5 ultra-light quiver from CBE

HOYT Compound Bow Kobalt Hunting RTS-Pats archery

With Hoyt Technology and designed for young archers, Kobalt Adjusts from 18″ draw length all the way up to 28″, increasing pounds from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. Kobalt is made for the long run and available with a custom package and numerous colors, such as Bone Collector and Cameron Hane’s “Keep Hammering Edition”.

 Tru Glo LOC DWN Quiver

Tru Glo LOC DWN Quiver-Best of pats archery
Tru Glo LOC DWN Quiver-Best of pats archery
  • Vibration-free!
  • TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating.
  • Secure double-gripper design.
  • Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows.
  • Fits both mechanical and fixed broadheads.
  • NEW! TWIST•LOCK mounting bracket — quick / easy, one hand removal (patent pending).
  • Mounting bracket is adjustable up /down to better fit all bows.
  • Rubber hood insert reduces noise and
    won’t dull broadheads.
  • Fits both left and right-handed bows.
  • Holds up to 4 arrows.

Elite Archery Bow Mounted Quiver-Pats archery

The 1-Pice Quiver is available in either 4-Arrows or 6-Arrows. A quick release lever secures the quiver in position and also allows for easy, one handed, quiver removals. Adjustable horizontal positioning allows you to get your quiver closer to the bow for better balance. This quiver can accommodate arrows of any diameter and any style including mechanicals.


  • 6061-T6 machined aluminum construction
  • Unique clamping design
  • Available in 4-arrow or 6-arrow configurations
  • Accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Extremely rigid and quiet
  • Fits all popular hunting arrow diameters

Hurricane Bag Target-Best of pats archery

High visibility aiming points

Hurricane targets feature brightly colored shooting eyes (orange for the most part), which are easily seen against the bright-colored backgrounds even at long distances.

Off-center deer vitals

To increase the longevity of your targets, position the vials off-center so they’re not aligned with the aiming points on the front of the targets.

Tri-Core Technology

Hurricane’s proprietary design gives you outstanding target performance.

Heavy-duty handle

A strap handle makes Hurricane easy to carry.

Hoyt Compound Bow Altus 35 HBT Target-Best of pats archery

ltus offers target and 3D shooter an all-round performance driven bow. With a 35” or 38” version, the Altus is capable of accommodating draws from 23-31”. The new HBT cam system allows for extreme adjustability, allowing archers to get the perfect setup to place them at the top of the podium.

With Hoyt technology, Altus series are loaded with features that give shooters an edge on the competition. They’re available at a lower cost than most traditional tournament bows. And they offer more adjustability than any bow before them.

The pinnacle of performance and adjustability.

The all new HAYT CAM System represents the biggest changes to Hoyt targets in over 20 years. The HAYT CAM feature adjustable pull back settings from 65%, 70% and 75%. It has an easy to use dial control for changing between a soft or hard feel. HAYT CAMS will deliver the speed, feeling and personalisation needed to fit any shooting style!


  • ¼” draw length adjustments
  • Adjustable let-off of 65, 70 or 75%
  • Adjustable wall – hard or soft
  • Multiple cam and mod sizes for optimal performance across the draw length range

Easton Bowtruk 4716 Elite Travel Bow Case

The finest travel bowcase ever created, the highly acclaimed Bowtruk 4716 Travel Bow Case is allnew for 2020. Utilizing the finestmaterial and a brand new look the Bowtruk4716 Travel Bow Case ($449.99 MSRP) offers bettersurvival,improvingfunctionalityand a morerefinedaesthetic.

The outer shell is made from Cordura 1680D type 6,6 ballistic nylons, which provides a higher abrasion/tear resistant performance compared to standard Nylons and Polyesters. It has an innovative YKK weaved-in main zipper that’s more durable and secure than traditional stitched-in zips.


• Accommodates two bows up to 47”

• 47” L X 16” W X 9” H

• Cordura 1680D Type 6,6 ballistic nylon shell

• Six interior & exterior accessory pockets for bowsights, gear, and arrows

• Case-cube compatible fleece main compartment

• Dense 360º exterior padding

• Double seatbelt-style bow retainment straps

• Padded carry handle

• Compatible with Easton arrow totes & boxes

• Hybrid hard/soft shell perimeter protection

• Dark Grey

Available in one size: 4716

Inside Dimensions

Double Bow Area – 40 x 115 x 12cm
Arrow Case Area – 90 x 15 x 8cm
Accessory Areas:
– 37 x 23 x 8cm
– 35 x 18 x 8cm
– 50 x 18 x 8cm

Customers review of Pats archery-products

I’ve just ordered scout strings from pats archery. Feedback looks good so far. Not cheap but happy to pay the extra for good strings. Anybody have any experience with scout strings? Let us know in the comments section bellow.

Happy reading 😉



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